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Andrew (Andreas) Andersen is a Canadian historian, journalist and political scientist, currently working for the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary, Canada.

His the major research focus has been on communist and post-communist studies, international and inter-ethnic conflicts, territorial disputes and ideological clashes. Andrew Andersen combines his academic studies with an extensive experience in related counseling and field research in conflict areas.

The book Путеводитель в приличное общество introduces the reader into good manners. By “good manners” the author means the style of social behavior that is accepted by decent society and is marked by kindness and consideration for other people.


It is an etiquette book, planned and writ-ten especially for young readers. All the rules for good manners are in it, easy to read and easy to follow.

Andrei Gavrilov, according to critics, is among the world’s greatest concert pianists.  In 1974, he won first prize at the International Tchaikovsky Competition and in the same year made a triumphant international dèbut at the Salzburg Festival. Since then he has enjoyed an impressive international career which included performances with the world's greatest orchestras. 

Gavrilov’s book captures the most meaningful episodes of his life. In it he shares his philosophical views on the major problems of the modern world that include but are not limited to totalitarianism, fundamentalism and the decay of our modern culture. It is a piercing view of the man behind the music. An added bonus are the anecdotes about other famous Russian and international celebrities, such as Malkovich, McCartney, Richter, Rostropovich and many others.

Мне 81 год. По образованию я - химик, работал в дюжине областей науки, включая микробиологию, теорию происхождения жизни на Земле, информатику, психологию. Я - автор 200 научных статей и книг и около 50 изобретений. Очень люблю животных, а также всё растущее, начиная от сорняков. Испытываю необычайную любовь к бонсаям, коллекционирую морские раковины, нецке, заварные чайники и другие красоты. Живу в Аризоне, куда переехал из России 26 лет назад. Женат, имею трёх сыновей. И дед мой, и отец работали журналистами. Видимо, по наследству меня потянуло на писательскую деятельность десять лет тому назад. "Кавказские рассказы" - мой третий сборник рассказов.

Платон Иоселиани был известен как исследователь гражданской и церковной истории Грузии и как биограф Георгия Саакадзе и последнего грузинского короля (царя) Георгия XII.

Он был великолепным знатоком истории Грузинской Церкви и тифлисских древностей. Сотрудничал с академиком Броссе. В 1838 году Императорская Академия Наук и Святейший Синод РПЦ поручили Иоселиани разбор древних исторических актов (гуджаров), собранных при Грузинском синодальном комитете (в 1811 году Грузинская Православная Церковь была лишена автокефалии и насильственно подчинена Петербургскому Святейшему Синоду).

Marina Palei is a gifted and accomplished author whose thirty-year literary career spans various genres.  Her work has been translated into dozens of foreign languages.  Marina comes from St. Petersburg, where she worked as a doctor. She holds degrees from the Medical Academy of St. Petersburg as well as the Moscow Literary Institute.  She is considered an unsurpassed stylist of the Russian language, and a novelist endowed with a powerful existentialist outlook.  Marina has lived in the Netherlands since 1995.  It was there that she was named “The Princess of Style” at the International Prose Festival.  


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