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Andrew Andersen

Georgia and the International Treaties of 1918-1921


Copyright © 2018 by Andrew Andersen

All rights reserved.

Asteroid Publishing, Inc.


ISBN: 978-1-926720-47-0


No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the written permission of the publisher.



Maps: Andrew Andersen and George Partskhaladze

Editor: Paul Holt

Cover design: Katie Alberts and Alex Kurov

To my father





  1. The Situation in the Caucasus by the beginning of 1918

  2. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk: Generous Gift of the Bolsheviks to the Ottoman Empire

  3. The Treaty of Poti: the First Compromise of the First Republic

  4. The Treaty of Batum: Peace in Exchange for Territories

  5. The Armistice of Mudros: New Hopes

  6. Georgia and the Paris Peace Conference: Breaking the Wall of Prejudice

  7. The Georgian-Azerbaijani Treaty of 1919: the Struggle for Collective Security in the Caucasus

  8. Russian-Georgian Treaty: “Be Afraid of the Danais...”

  9. Georgia and the Treaty of Sèvres

  10. Recognition of Georgia's de Jure Independence and the Fall of the First Republic

  11. Georgia and Poland: The Alliance that did not Happen

  12. The Treaties of Moscow (16.03.1921) and Kars (13.10.1921)

Epilogue ​​​

Appendix (Texts of the Treaties and Agreements)


  1. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (03.03.1918)

  2. The Agreement of Poti (28.05.1918)

  3. The Treaty of Batum (04.06.1918)

  4. The Russian-German Supplementary Treaty (27.08.1918)

  5. Тhe Armistice Convention with Turkey (30.10. 1918)

  6. Georgian-Azerbaijani Treaty (16.06.1919)

  7. The Treaty of Moscow (07.05.1920)

  8. The Russian-Georgian Supplementary Treaty (07.05.1920)

  9. The Treaty of Sevres (10.08.1920)

  10. The Treaty of Moscow (16.03.1921)

  11. The Treaty of Kars (13.10.1921)


List of Maps​

Glossary of Place Names


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