Valery Grigolashvili was born in Tbilisi (Georgia) in the family of Major-General Boris Grigolashvili who heroically died in action in 1993 during the struggle for independence and territorial integrity of Georgia.

After having completed his studies at Bakradze Institute of Law and Economics in 1995 in Tbilisi he graduated from Moscow Military Diplomatic Academy in 1998 and from Moscow Humanitarian Economic Institute with specialization in Law and Legal Studies in 2006.

In 1992-2000 Valery Grigolashvili served in the Armed Forces of Georgia where he was promoted to the rank of Major. In 1992-1993 he participated in combat actions in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali. After 1998 served at the Legal Department of Georgian Ministry of Defense. Currently works as a lawyer in a commercial company in Moscow (Russia).

Fluent in Georgian and Russian and has a working knowledge of French and English.

Since adolescence, Valery Grigolashvili demonstrated interest in history, heraldry, vexillology and ethnography. Being a professional soldier and specialist in international relations, Valery Grigolashvili is also an amateur historian. In that capacity he developed impressive skills in historical cartography.