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  • Gary Gindler

Biden Goes for Broke

May 2, 2021

Traditionally, every American president has been compared to his predecessors. From this point of view, the main divide between Biden and Trump is that Biden is 100% predictable, and Trump was not. Trump's unpredictability baffled everyone, domestically and internationally. On the other hand, Biden is an open book, and this book even has a title: "Resolutions of the 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party."

Predictably, Biden believes that all the problems facing America are connected directly or indirectly with the previous president and his millions of followers, all of whom are racists. Actually, all Democratic presidents adhere to this opinion. Still, there is a big difference between the militant socialist Obama and the awkward socialist Biden. If Obama tried to put America on a socialist track through legal, economic reforms, such as an attempt to nationalize the health care industry, Biden chose a different path. Biden is trying to achieve the left's goals with the help of financial mechanisms. Biden's long-announced infrastructure bill is a multi-trillion-dollar and multi-year project. Its result should be an economy in which the primary employer in America will be not private companies, but the federal government. One federal employer, one federal legal owner of a gun, and one national ideology – this is the idée fixe of all the left. At the same time, under Obama, the nationalization of industry de jure did not occur, so Biden is trying to achieve this goal de-facto. The American left is looking to the future with hope because the cost of Biden's mega-project exceeds the wealth of all American billionaires combined. Even theoretically, the American rich will not be able to resist this – they have too little money. Biden's program attempts to fulfill the dream of all leftists of equality of end results, which directly contradicts the fundamental American tradition of equality of initial conditions. The same goes for Biden's education initiatives. In theory, focus on education should not be rejected by the public. Still, Biden's plan aims not simply to increase federal funding for education, but to establish unrestricted federal control over education, teachers, and school curricula. If Biden's mega-project on infrastructure comes to fruition, there is little chance that all subsequent presidents can do anything to stop it. If Congress allocates the money, then all subsequent presidents will have to implement the Biden project, whether they like it or not. A typical example of such collisions is the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. Biden really does not want to build this barrier, but the law is the law, and Biden is obligated to continue Trump's work. If we mentioned the Mexican border, we must also mention Vice President Harris, with her demonstrative inaction over the chaos on the southern border. It should be noted that, from the Democratic point of view, the uncontrolled infiltration of illegal, or, as they are also called, undocumented aliens represents a well ordered – not chaotic – expansion of the electoral base of the left with the help of an avalanche of undocumented Democrats. In particular, the Biden administration has completely abolished fines for illegal aliens for illegal stay in the United States. It is also sadly necessary to state that it was under Biden that conservatives and all other dissidents in America were given the status of second-class citizens. Most dissidents have been banished to digital Gulags and internet concentration camps. Conservative opinion, like any other dissent, is declared extremist in Biden's America. Unfortunately, we know that virtual, digital prisons are paving the way for real Gulags. Democrats under Biden do not even try to hide their politically motivated criminal prosecution of the opposition. The case against Rudy Giuliani is an act of outright revenge for the troubles that Giuliani had brought to Biden's family. Who could have guessed that the most successful mayor of New York's apartment would be raided before the homes of the participants in the shameful Russian hysteria or the son of President Biden? At the same time, there was another episode of Soviet-like justice in America: FBI agents demonstratively seized only those computers that, according to Giuliani himself, did not contain information about Biden's son. Without verification, Giuliani was taken at his word, although he several times during a search offered copies of Biden's son's computer disks to FBI agents. The FBI agents were well aware that the real purpose of their visit was not a search per se, but intimidation of the dissident. Unfortunately, this search of Giuliani's apartment and office is only a minor episode in the leftists' ambitious strategy to criminalize the political opposition. Besides criminalizing the opposition, Biden is also planning an unprecedented program to marginalize the opposition. This includes, for example, the desire to altogether abolish the filibuster in the Senate to pass laws by a simple majority. This will mean a fundamental transformation of America – in the new America, the opposition will have no rights and play a purely decorative, symbolic role. In addition to the ambitious plans outlined, Biden also demonstrated several unforgivable mistakes. He appropriated to himself (or rather, tried to appropriate) Trump's merits in creating a vaccine against the coronavirus. Sadly for Biden, the American people are not a mindless herd that does not remember what happened a year ago. Americans have an innate sense of justice, and outright lies and claims about the vaccine have resulted in a significant loss of Biden's political capital. Biden's dispatch of two warships to the Black Sea for symbolic support of Ukraine was canceled by the same Biden. Moreover, it was canceled at the first angry shout from Moscow. If Trump had done something like this, it would definitely have led to his third impeachment. Altogether, Biden's first 100 days have confirmed that he is an unexploded political bomb with a timed detonator. It is not known when this bomb will explode. Still, in his first 100 days, Biden systematically and mindlessly squandered his political capital, to the delight of not only the opposition, but also his own vice president. Joe Biden managed to develop a simple and effective plan for America's bankruptcy in 100 days. Therefore, he reached the turn of the first 100 days, unfortunately, like a laughingstock of the whole world. It is already clear that Biden will take honor in the small pantheon of anti-American American presidents. So far, it is not evident that Sleeping Joe possessed sufficient intellectual potential to change the status quo. [Originally published in American Thinker]

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