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  • Andrew Andersen


Andrew Andersen

I am not willing and not going to write a lot as the days of words is coming to an end giving way to the days of action. There are many questions that can be asked in connection with the escalation of Russian aggression against Ukraine. However, I would rather limit myself to three of them at this moment:

1. Why Russia has not been expelled from the UN?

2. Why are there no plans to freeze the accounts in Western banks on which Vladimir Putin and other members of his criminal clique are keeping billions of dollars that have been stolen from the people of Russia?

3. In connection with the two previous questions, the third one arises: does all the above mean that those who pretend to be the rulers of Western "democracies" keep supporting the aggressive foreign policy of Russia, as they have been always doing at least since 1914?

It is not hard to find the answers to the above questions at least for those who are interested in politics and who still haven't lost the ability to think. I will refrain from any prompted, because the obvious things do not need to be written.

PS: There is, actually, one more question "popping out from behind the rows” that is - qui prodest? Who, in fact, benefits from such a policy of Russia and other countries? Well... to find an answer to that question is not so easy. I personally don't have one yet.

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