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  • Jakub Krzemiński

The Attack on Israel: Disturbing Logic of Questions and Answers

Warsaw / May 19, 2021

After having listened to the comments of Israeli journalist Yuri Himmelfarb on the latest events in the Middle East, one can hardly deny the correctness of the questions he raised. The answers to those questions may help us to imagine the true mechanisms of what is really happening over there.

1. The three Arab families that were ordered to leave their home in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in fact, were not forcibly evicted, as in accordance with Israeli law, no one can be thrown out in the street if he or she has no alternative place to live. The families in question were informed about the inadmissibility of delaying the rent for their housing. Such cases of tenant-landlord dispute usually end in court. The court procedure takes at least six months, while the services of lawyers on average cost about 8 thousand dollars.

The questions that arise here are:

(a) Who could provide such a sum to the malicious defaulters?

(b) What was promised to them and by whom for disobeying the usual judicial procedure for Israeli citizens, turning to violence and inciting pogroms?

2. The crowd gathered on the territory of the Al-Aqsa mosque complex immediately started to throw rocks at the Israeli police. I have been there, and therefore I know that there are no rocks and there can be no rocks on that territory. As for the stun grenades that were reportedly thrown by police officers, one should be advised that those grenades could not physically get into the territory of the Al-Aqsa mosque complex, as the entrance to it is located perpendicular to the direction of grenade trajectory, especially keeping in mind that such grenades do not fly but roll on the ground.


(a) Where did the rocks used by the crowd on the territory of the mosque complex come from?

(b) Why did the clashes with the police that turned into pogroms and riots look so well organized and synchronous?

3. The rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas terrorists started immediately after the beginning of the riots on the Temple Mount. According to the estimates, such an operation costs at least

$ 25 million for the rocket launches only. The production of such a large number of missiles requires even more investment and at least a year of preparation time, not to mention the construction of both the ground and underground, infrastructure used by terrorist organizations in Gaza, not to mention the maintenance of the terrorists themselves at various levels, et cetera.

Question: Who is the sponsor and scriptwriter of the current war?

One of the answers to the above questions has been already given in the delusional and extremely dangerous statement of the main sponsors of world terrorism, the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who claims that Israel is... at the borders of Russia. This is not just the delirium of a madman whose brain is being devoured by Parkinson's disease. Please note that the last visit of the Hamas terrorist elite to Moscow took place in March of this year. Also please note the well-known ties between the two rogue states, Russia and Iran. The use of the Russian anti-tank complex Kornet in the murder of Israeli citizens is no longer a question as well, but an answer, given the logistics of the Putin regime's terrorist ties with Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. It is also no coincidence that the period of relative calm in the Middle East fell on the period from 1990 to 2005 - that is at a time when Russia did not have huge profits from the sale of its natural resources.

What is now raging in Israel is not just an Arab unrest. It is a well-organized and long-planned insurgency, which broke out on a general order that came simultaneously with the beginning of rocket attacks from the territory of Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria. The recent attempts to break into Israel by militants from the West Bank, Lebanon and Syria have also been tightly coordinated.

However, it would be a big mistake to think of Russia and Iran as the sole sponsors and masterminds of the rocket attacks, the insurgency, and the terrorist rampage. We are dealing here with a global scenario of destabilization around the world with the prospect of escalating into a world war. The war that is to degenerate into the "hot stage", keeping in mind that the "cold stage" is going on right now before our eyes. Here we would recommend to take a look at a few other hotbeds of war in the world (e.g., the conflict at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border). Indeed, various rogue states, terrorist organizations, and Islamist rabble are just “chess pieces” in an extremely dangerous “chess game”. As for the "players", we will name them in the following materials.

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