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  • Jakub Krzemiński

When the Warnings are Ignored…

Warsaw / May 25, 2021

Back in August 2020, we have mentioned that the alliance of the two terrorist regimes of Lukashenko and Putin carried the threat of unleashing a military conflict in the center of Europe. We have also mentioned that the clear absence of any attempts of forceful pressure against these regimes is an ominous sign of complete absence of anything that could be referred to as international security system.

On May 23rd of this year, the whole world witnessed how our concerns came true in the most monstrous way. An act of air piracy and international terrorism was committed against an aircraft of the Irish airline Ryanair and Belarusian oppositional journalist Roman Protasevich, whose life is now under threat, has been abducted by the Lukashenko regime. Indeed, Belarusian dictator is completely corrupted by impunity. However, in connection with the above, many analysts tend to agree that it is not just Lukashenko who is responsible for this act of state terrorism. The recent act of air piracy has also been inspired by the Kremlin. Maybe not by Putin himself, but by those in his entourage, led by Patrushev, Bortnikov and Shoigu, who seek to disrupt all contacts with the United States, pushing the sick dictator into the background.

Nowdays, though, all the above details are completely unimportant as we are witnessing the most dangerous situation in the centre of Europe since August - September, 1939. So what are we to expect and what to be ready for?

1. After the act of air piracy, armed provocations can be expected at the borders of Belarus with Lithuania and Poland. The provocations which can be carried out by Putin's and Lukashenka's military forces following the infamous Gleivitz model.

2. Most likely, there will be also cyber and, maybe, even military attacks by Russia on Western states in various places of the world.

3. All the above clearly threatens to escalate into a world war with the use of weapons of mass destruction.

4. In the absence of any military pressure on behalf of NATO against the terrorist regimes of Russia and Belarus, the above will likely occur within two to six months.

Now let me quote from the tweet of well-known political scientist Andrey Piontkovsky who is now in Washington:

"This is the last moment of truth for the West. Unless the Lukashenko regime is immediately recognized as a terrorist organization, there is simply no West or Free World. This is not Fukuyama's end, but the real End of History."

Here we see not an emotional outburst, but a sober statement of real facts. Indeed, if once again the terrorist regimes of Putin and Lukashenko are not facing tough measures, all four points listed above are likely to become a monstrous reality.

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