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  • Jakub Krzemiński


Jakub Krzemiński

Warsaw / January 11, 2021

A jester in a horned fur helmet, wearing an animal skin on a bare torso all covered with tattoos, with a painted face... Here he is in the photo, roaring like an animal, his mouth gaping. Here he is in another photo, flaunting, posing, standing in the speaker's place. All this is being performed in the interiors of the Capitol, the heart of the United States of America. Nearby, other jesters are raging, without horns, but also wild-looking. These photos are now in all the world's media, on websites, on computer and TV screens.

The horned fool's name is Jake Angeli, from Arizona. This jester is not a lone bully. He has a pseudonym known to many: QAnon Shaman.

And what is QAnon? Well, this is interesting. QAnon is an organization. The word QAnon stands for world conspiracy, global conspiracy, world government. Moreover, QAnon is a widespread conspiracy theory in the United States, according to which US President Donald Trump is going to expose a giant international scheme for the sexual exploitation of young children which allegedly involves Satan-worshipping leaders of the US Democratic Party, as well as many American celebrities. A certain anonymous person, hiding under the nickname Q, hinted that he had the highest level of access to the state secrets, wrote thousands more posts the general meaning of which is that he is a part of the deeply secret circle of President Trump's closest advisers, who are charged with executing some grandiose plan and bringing its contents to the American public. According to that plan, Donald Trump is to expose a giant international scheme for the sexual exploitation of young children, which allegedly involves Satan-worshipping leaders of the US Democratic Party, as well as many American celebrities. Afer that Mass arrests are to be carried out by the US Armed Forces and the National Guard. According to Q, the purpose of the investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was not Trump, but Hillary Clinton and her entourage. The investigation though is only a cover. In fact, the president is helping Special Prosecutor Mueller to uncover the grand pedophile conspiracy of Hillary and Bill Clinton, as well as Barack Obama, George Soros, the Rothschilds, the Saudi royal family and other "powerful people".

It couldn't be more serious, could it? Those are, of course, the matters of national importance. But their impact is global. What does the horned man with the painted face of a farcical buffoon have to do with all that? Well, despite this "signature" look, Jake Angeli may seek to draw the attention of all people to what the anonymous Q is talking about.

Here is the end of the topic of national and global significance and the beginning of a wild farce begins, mockery, vilification, ridicule, discredit of everything and everyone involved in

the topic. The apogee of the farce is systematically and diligently recorded in the walls of the Capitol, which was subjected to assault, pogrom and looting.

And who stormed, vandalized and looted the Capitol? The supporters of president Trump? Those "freaks", as respected political scientists call them? No way, ladies and gentlemen!

All the eyewitnesses of the events of January 6 in Washington almost in unison talk about the two things.

First, about the groups of people in paramilitary gear with "Trump" stickers, not mixing with the masses of patriots who arrived to the rally from all over America. The members of those groups were equipped with protective helmets with "Trump" stickers on them, with bulletproof vests and with rock-climbing equipment. When those groups approached the walls of the Capitol, the police let them into the building together with a considerable group of lumpen-looking people, that looked like real "freaks".

Second, about the fact that the participants of the pro-Trump rally themselves were approached by numerous well-trained provocateurs, who were persuading them to enter the Capitol building. And most importantly, some social networks announced the assault on the Capitol even before it began, while the true Trump supporters did not even think about storming the Capitol.

And now, here is the cherry on the cake! Who do you think should save America from the manifestations of Satanism and Satanists? According to QAnon those are Donald Trump and... (Attention!) Vladimir Putin!

That's where the "Russian trace" really is! Not in the shouting in Russian that could be heard at the background of numerous related videos! And here are two questions to be asked: who are the customers of that organization, and who are its sponsors?

As for the sponsors, it is quite clear: the QAnon’s sponsors include the Kremlin, Lubyanka, GRU and the notorious Soros & Co. But the answer to the question regarding the customers might be way more interesting.

So, let as give it another look: the police forces are letting them enter the Capitol, the rioters are entering the building, and then they are dispersed with bloodshed... That happened in accordance with exactly the same scheme that could be watched during the riots in Moscow (Russia) on October 3-4, 1993. At the beginning of those riots the masses of people were allowed to pass across the Crimean Bridge, and just after that a series of bloody events began in Moscow. As a result, about one and a half thousand people died, and even more were wounded. That was also the case in Kiev, in February 2014, when the police stopped storming the Maidan and allowed the masses of young protesters to enter Institutskaya Street, where they were shot at by the snipers. The same scheme was also used during the storm of the Crimean Parliament, of the regional administration of Donetsk, and further on the list... And

quite recently the same game was played in the American streets, where the cops were kneeling before the murderers, rioters and vandals from BLM and Antifa - the organizations that were created in the image and likeness of QAnon by the same infernal creators. On January 6, 2021, the events in Washington (DC) and inside the Capitol building, followed the same pattern, when the security guards of the Capitol let in those whom they were ordered to be let in. As a result, four people were shot dead for doing literally nothing, including an unarmed harmless woman. In the next article, we will definitely offer you a detailed analysis of the circumstances of her murder, that quite eloquently speak for themselves.

One could say here that the secret services of the whole world have the same “handwriting”. Well, this is both true and wrong at the same time. Wrong it is because all the special services of the world do not have to deal with a variety of scenarios of the same style, but have just one single scenario. E.g., in October 1993, in Moscow, Russian tanks shot at the parliament building, allegedly because it had been taken over by the militants of the neo-Nazi movement headed by Alexander Barkashov (a former corporal, by the way). And a few days ago, the Capitol in Washington, D.C., was “taken over” by the above Jake with the horns, by QAnon and the saviors of America and by Donald Trump together with ... Vladimir Putin who had been portrailed as "the two (!) saviors" of the whole Western civilization. That was the only difference between those two cases, dear ladies and gentlemen!

In all those cases, however, the horns are growing not only from the Kremlin and not so much from it. After the events of January 6 in the US capital, anyone who mentions a global conspiracy (the conspiracy that really exists, by the way) are going to be immediately put on a par with the horned Jake and his QAnon. Any patriot of his/her country and any champion of freedom and of the values of Western civilization will be put there as well. The law prohibiting such concepts as "he", "she", "father", "mother", "brother", "sister" has been purposefully adopted for the effect of painted rags on the bull which is a part of the bigger scenario. And if we act like that bull (or rather a bison), we are going to be labelled as "terrorists" to the accompaniment of hysterical howls about the events of January 6, 2021.

And who are the customers? "All this brothel that took place in the past day in the United States, showed us one thing: the president of the United States is really nobody if compared with financial and media gangsters. It is not him but a global clique that keeps ruling and dealing the cards all the time. That clique can boast unlimited financial resources and unlimited global power". This is the mantra that is nowadays being repeated in different words all over the Internet, and this is completely true. But what exactly is that clique and whom does it consist of?

That topic deserves a separate serious conversation. Partial answer to that question is given in the book "The Poisonous Files" by Rafał Barnaś and Jakub Krzemiński, the Russian version of which has been recently published by Asteroid Publishing / Peritum Media. The Polish, Ukrainian and English versions of it is going top be published shortly as well.

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