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Alex Markman was born in Russia and emigrated to Canada in 1980.

He is the author of several works of fiction and non-fiction, the main genres being adventure, romance and integrity of the human mind and soul.


During his colorful life journey, he got to know both the oppressors and the oppressed ones, evil-doers and angels and many in-between. Some of the evil people he had met had moral values far outside the boundary of a sane mind. His drive to discover new places has brought him to such locales as the vast, unspoiled wilderness of Ural and Siberia in Russia to the refined urban areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco in America. His adventures and his familiarity with people from different cultures have given him abundant material for his stories.


Alex Markman is an author of crime and espionage thrillers as well as of analytical articles on economic security and political history published in Russia and in North America. He is currently living in Canada.


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