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  • Jakub Krzemiński


Jakub Krzemiński

Warsaw / December 27, 2020

We are entering the twenties of the twenty-first century, and, in fact, a new Millennium. The world will never be the same. My colleague asked me if it would be for the better - or for the worse. I replied: to the new one.

Tons of Analytic paperss have already been written, where the authors are trying to judge and guess about this very new thing, so let us not repeat ourselves. The new world order has already shown its face. The forces that have already been ruling the world for quite a while, are now trying to demonstrate that everything is going to happen in accordance with their scenario. However, any more or less initiated person understands that these efforts are in vain.

The geopolitical architecture is not changing in the direction of a "multipolar world", which in the lingo of dictatorships means the establishment of their spheres of influence. No matter whether anyone likes it or not we have recently come to a unipolar world led by the United States of America. So far all the efforts of those very dictatorships led by China and Russia trailing behind it to unleash a civil war in the United States have been failing. The primacy of the United States on the planet is the major phenomenon that we inherited the past era.

Among the new players, Turkey is the main one. Others are to appear as well, but much later. Two figures that have been boring grandmasters are in the process of being dropped from the Board: those are Russia and China.

It makes no sense to repeat what has already been written about the soon coming collapse of Putin's regime in Russia and about the signs of its collapse. There is the main evidence of this. Here we mean the beginning of a series of "suicides" in the upper echelons of the system built by dictator Putin, who is nowadays firmly entrenched in his bunker, more and more looking like an old, driven, sick gelding who is unsuccessfully trying to pretend being young and strong Arab steed. This is not just the end of Putin and his terrorist regime. This is the end of the whole terrorist Empire under various signs.

Communist China began to be deprived of Western technologies and forced out of the markets of the United States and Europe. To those who would like to vigorously object this statement, there is one answer: everything is just at the beginning. The Maoist "Paradise" erected on the basis of "cheap labor" has come to an end. The Coronavirus global diversion from Red China did not put to sleep and neither did it scare the active part of humanity, as had been expected by the global card sharps who pulled the fake Joker known as Covid19 out of their sleeves. This adventure was fatal not only for its Chinese performers. Staying far

from China, the authors of the game checkmated themselves by making a move with a Chinese figure that is to be thrown off the Board.

The new era is already here. It scares the majority as it is not just about ordinary people. Extensive analytical materials reveal anxiety, confusion and uncertainty about the future. But don't be afraid of the future. And in order to overcome your natural fear you need to start with just a simple action: stop repeating the mantra "main health" from the quote book of the authors of the COVID-19 coven. That's clear enough. Your health begins with opening yourself to real life and to the world, as well as with overcoming your fear.

In a few days, the calendar twenties and the true Third Millennium are to begin. The period is going to be difficult, and (God forgive me) devilishly interesting. And in the endgame, it's definitely better to be a player than a figure. Even better, a grandmaster. And this is the God-given choice that each of us is to make.

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