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  • Andrew Andersen

Give them an order, Mr President!

I decided to record this short video in connection with one very important event that is to happen very soon in Washington/DC

In a few hours the US senate may either question the falsified results of the last presidential elections, if at least one senator has guts to speak up on that topic, or… it may ignore the fact that the elections were stolen. In that case the ultra-left tyranny will be established in once free USA and all over the Globe. Some people even call the coming regime a commune-fascist dictatorship… In any case, there are moments in history when someone has to give an order to his soldiers and followers to take action. Because of such an order is not given then… the soldiers and active citizens can do nothing.

In fact, the current situation in America reminds me of the situation in Latvia in 1940 just before that country was absorbed by the Soviet Union. Just like in today’s America, the army and patriotic citizens were ready to defend the freedom and honor of their country but… the president was reluctant to give an order.

As a result, the country lost its freedom and hundreds thousands of Latvians lost their lives while the lives of millions were crippled including the life of the president who did not give an order that he was supposed to give.

Here I would like to share with you a few excerpts from Latvian historical movie Baiga vasara (2000) that describes those dramatic events. The movie is in Latvian, sorry, but I will help you to understand what is going on with my comments.

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