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  • Jakub Krzemiński

Listening to the Analysts and Moving towards Haiti

Jakub Krzemiński

Warsaw / April 28, 2021

Listening to numerous commentators and analysts, one cannot help but wonder the speculative and informational helplessness of their comments and analyses. That can, probably, be explained by two reasons: their dependence on sponsors and basic ignorance of the true mechanisms of global governance. It may also seem that their own broadcast of the "conspiracy theory" label keeps playing a cruel joke on these ladies and gentlemen.

Here is a vivid example. Knowing full well how marginal Russia and its regime have become, and how they both have lost all international influence, all these "experts" constantly exaggerate the meaning of Putin's speech at Grand Sports Arena "Luzhniki" in Moscow in front of his hangers-on. Even considering the possibility of declaring war on Ukraine by the leader of the terrorist regime, it looks more than strange. Russian analyst Alina Vitukhnovskaya aptly called this wretched speech a "declaration of helplessness". Indeed, her colleagues cannot know the contents of the messages recently delivered by the British and US administrations to the Kremlin terrorists. But that still does not give Mr. Piontkovsky any reason to babble with a face shaking with fear about the "sinister" nature of this declaration of helplessness.

Putin's regime, with all the remnants of Soviet weapons it may still possess, is weak and insignificant - and therefore cannot present any serious threat to the rest of the world. This regime should be buried forever, as well as other similar regimes of China, Belarus, Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea. However, those who claim to be politicians or political scientists are obliged to think at least a couple of moves ahead. This is what my colleague Andrew Andersen does when he asks: "What is the point of not having Russia if the whole world turns into Russia?"

This question has the most serious grounds. The Western world is rapidly losing the rights and freedoms that have been its hallmark for centuries. First of all, we are talking about the freedom of speech. The people coming from totalitarian countries who share the same totalitarian way of life and mentality do not want to perceive democracy and do not even think about it, once they are in the West. On the contrary, they are trying to turn the West into what their countries and continents are, as well as themselves, alien to any forms of freedom, the concept of which is absent even in some of their languages.

First of all, this process is rapidly developing in the United States. For example, these new and not-so-new US citizens have turned the freedom of gun ownership into a round-the-clock terror with numerous victims in the streets of Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, in Bronx and Harlem, as well as in other districts of New York. Both the state authorities and the

federal government, are equally powerless in the face of this menacing phenomenon that has lasted for decades - or, maybe, they rather pretend to be powerless? In turn, the lawlessness that has taken root primarily in the courts is clearly imposed "from above", which recalls the times of the first FBI director, John Edgar Hoover, who maniacally denied the existence of Cosa Nostra and other mafias in the United States. Back then, it was worth tens, if not hundreds of thousands of victims. Nowadays, it is hard to deny the fact that the USA is moving, at best, towards the Dominican Republic and, at worst, towards Haiti.

This is what should inspire the thoughts and work of all those who have anything to do with what is happening in our world. So far, nothing like this seems to happen, thus giving little inspiration for optimism.

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