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Tamara Ugolini

Toronto / September 22, 2023

Nick Alexander, member of the youth-run Christian group Save Canada, was arrested today during a Toronto “Education over Indoctrination” rally, where he was seen bloodied and battered.

It's said that he was punched in the face, presumably by Antifa-adjacent counter-protesters. Josh Alexander’s brother Nick was just punched in the face. In Canadian fashion, Nick has been arrested. It’s alleged that Nick was earlier assaulted with a pole and had his Canadian flag stolen.

“Toronto Police did nothing,” British Columbia advocate and father Billboard Chris posted on X (formerly Twitter).

As organizers of the protest and members of Save Canada, Nick Alexander and his brother Josh have been fierce advocates against the infiltration of radical gender ideology in publicly funded school systems across Canada. They were joined by Billboard Chris, who has vehemently stated: “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers.” He is called hateful and transphobic and is often harassed when taking to the street with this clear message.

Josh shared on X that police confirmed Nick's arrest and subsequent detainment. "They confirmed that they have my brother in custody over the phone just before hanging up on me mid sentence," Josh shared on X.

Combat veteran “Wild Bill” gets arrested during anti-SOGI protest led by Billboard Chris and Save Canada. Counter protesters have a strong presence and blockade.

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