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  • Andrew Andersen

A Few Thoughts Regarding the Upcoming Presidential Elections in the United States

Andrew Andersen

May 08, 2023

As for the upcoming presidential elections in the USA , I am an absolute pessimist and skeptic (although in general, I am an optimistic and positive-minded person), because even if the elections were falsified during the reign of the last president, Donald Trump (although he was effectively cut off from power because he failed to create his team, but still capable of doing something), what grounds are there to believe that the elections will be fair under the rule of this gang? The destructive gang ruling the United States today will NEVER give up power peacefully. So the upcoming elections in the US are likely to be similar to "elections" in countries like Russia, with the only differences being in the details.

Elections, in general, are only meaningful in societies where their falsification is a priori impossible and where the culture of the society makes it as unthinkable as raising a hand against one's own mother. But today, anything is possible to achieve power and money.

The only hope is that the masses of the American people may awaken before they are disarmed (currently, those masses are still armed and have the right to rebel according to the constitution). But so far, it seems that the people have not yet realized that their freedoms and the country as a whole have already been stolen. And this is understandable: for Americans, it is very difficult and painful to realize such things. After all, for two hundred years, they have been accustomed to believing that they live in a free country and that the administration elected by the people cannot act against their interests.

By the way, do you know what the political and financial "elites" of the United States call the main territory where the American people live? That is, the entire area between the East and West coasts of the USA? They call it the "flyover zone." In the sense that the "elites" primarily nest on the coasts and only fly over the main territory of the United States to reach each other by plane.

This name speaks for itself about the attitude of American "elites" towards their country and their people. It also shows that they do not consider the country or the people as their own.

That's how things are so far...

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