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  • Jakub Krzemiński

A Sheriff without Illusions?

Jakub Krzemiński

Warsaw / March 30, 2021

The epic of Alexei Navalny reveals the most terrible, incurable ulcers of Russia, where the Putin regime is only a symptom of the eternal disease of the whole state system. This disease is, probably, embedded in the genetics of the Russian population and can be defined as "contempt for life". In other words, necrophilia.

On the other hand, Navalny's story partially unweils the hidden plans for the future drafted by the most influential and powerful global forces.

What could be the reason for Navalny's return to Russia after being poisoned by chemical weapons?

From reliable sources, the author of the commentary knows that the current development of events was known to Navalny while he was still in Germany. He was promised the post of Russia’s president after the planned overthrow of Putin and of the subsequent Patrushev junta. That promise received by Navalny through intermediaries from the most influential forces in the world, played a crucial role in the decision of that power-hungry and ambitious man to return to Russia.

What could be the motives behind Navalny's return?

Most likely, they have nothing to do with self-sacrifice, as claimed by some Russian people who are in the thrall of idealism and utopias. Navalny is ready to take deadly risks for the sake of his designated goal. His mindset is rigid and strictly authoritarian but, unlike Putin, he is bold to the point of audacity, and can also boast the skills of neuro-linguistic programming and other psychotronic technologies, not to mention that he is fluent in dealing with modern media. Navalny is alien to any illusions, especially to those regarding the future of Russia, as well as regarding the state and mentality of its population, and after his stay in Putin's dungeons, all these qualities will most likely be strengthened many times.

The essence of Navalny's activities.

Until now, he has been playing the major role in bringing intellectuals and students into the streets under the police batons. After the publication of the documentary about Putin's palace, the list of people ready to protest significantly expanded. Knowing the futility of "peaceful protests", Navalny and his staff, nevertheless, keep orchestrating such exits, as they are needed to serve as a background for the main actions that are to be taken from outside Russia to overthrow the regime of Putin. The Kremlin propagandists who are actively pedaling this thesis forget to say that the vast majority of Russians, including oligarchs, officials, and generals, are already fatally tired of Putin and his regime. But it is also a common

knowledge that no dictatorship in history has ever been overthrown from within or from below.

The essence of possible future rule of Navalny.

The thing is that some quite influential global forces need a hard-line authoritarian ruler in Russia, who, at the same time, would never go against the world order established by those forces and would clearly know his place. Navalny looks like an ideal candidate for such a role. He is expected to play the role of a kind of a sheriff, acting as a representative of an external administration claiming control over the Russian territory. Disillusioned global forces are well aware of the unreality of real democracy in Russia, at least for the next few decades. Therefore, they need someone who could keep the degraded majority of the Russian population in a tight rein.

The imperial mentality of Navalny.

It could seem that such a mentality should have become an obstacle to the plans of global forces to introduce Navalny into the Kremlin. Indeed, even on the day of his arrest, his headquarters published a map where the occupied Crimea is designated as a part of Russia. However, it is quite logical if one takes into account Navalny's position on Russia's aggression against Georgia, as well as on the annexation of Crimea, when he said: "Crimea is not a sausage sandwich that can be taken or returned." Accordingly, only those who prefer to be held captive by impermissible illusions can hope for an evolution of his imperialist views.

Vain hopes.

The Russian intelligentsia nourishes hopes for the transformation of Navalny into a liberal after his sufferings in Putin's dungeons under the influence of Christianity. However, that seems to be completely uncharacteristic of Navalny in his true form. At the same time, global forces hope for Navalny's obedience due to the sharp weakening of Russia which, in the words of the former KGB resident in the United States Yuri Shvets, is slowly turning into Mongolia. The first illusion can only be sincerely sympathized with, while the second one makes one recall Yeltsin, who had implanted Putin into the Kremlin with the approval of the same global forces (those interested in finding out more about the nature of those forces are, may find it useful to read our book "The Toxic Files" with Rafał Barnaś, recently published by Asteroid Publishing in Polish and Russian with the Ukrainian version on its way).

It is beyond dispute that the repression of Navalny is one of the innumerable gravest crimes of the Putin regime. There is also no doubt that the deprivation of Navalny's status as a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International is a shameful act. Navalny must be released immediately. And it, certainly, goes without saying that the situation with Navalny should be viewed from the perspective of the future, many moves ahead, like in a chess party. Or, maybe even better, as in the ancient Chinese game of Go, simulating and predicting the most difficult (at first glance) situations developing on various levels.

But it is probably the most important to look at it without any illusions, as they are too expensive. Otherwise, it could be very hard to avoid another reincarnation of Stalinism and Putinism under a new name.

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