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  • Andrew Andersen


Canada / December 20, 2023

The funniest part is that no matter what Biden and his circle say or do, the love of Ukrainian propagandist media and Ukrainian masses listening to them for the above politicians is unwavering. Even if tomorrow Biden says that Ukraine, the Baltic countries, and someone else are "legitimate territories of Russia," for the Ukrainian media and masses, Biden and Clinton will remain "good," and Donald Trump - "Putin's puppet." This applies not only to Ukrainians but also to some "intellectuals" in the Baltic states, Georgia, and beyond...

It's understandable: journalists, by and large, say and write what is dictated to them by "those who call the tune." And their expenses are generously covered by globalists, as well as local Ukrainian scoundrels, who have brought the country to such a state that Putin dared to invade.

Is there anything to be done about it? Well, there's no talk of buying off journalists, who, with very rare exceptions, are much more venal than prostitutes, because most of the world's money is in criminal hands.

A chance will arise only if the masses finally stop trusting the mass media and start thinking independently - that is, move from algorithmic thinking to critical one. But one can only guess when (or if) that is going to happen.

As for us... we do what we can. Perhaps the descendants will say thank you. And if they don't, at least we won't feel too embarrassing before the Lord.

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