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  • Rafał Barnaś, Jakub Krzemiński


Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Rafał Barnaś, Dr. Jakub Krzemiński

Warsaw / October 1, 2020

Today we are witnessing absolute inefficiency of the entire system of international security. We assume that this is due to the following factors.

1. The principle of "equality" of authoritarian and dictatorial regimes with democratic states in international organizations, starting with the UN. Regimes like the Putinist one in Russia and/or Maoist one in China are capable of sabotaging any measures aimed at observing human rights in these countries and preventing wars that these regimes unleash in full accordance with their nature.

2. The complicated bureaucratic procedures which accompany the adoption and implementation of major decisions in democracies and in various international organizations give dictatorial regimes, free from these procedures, a huge gain in time and freedom of action in oppressing their peoples, in unleashing military conflicts, without which these regimes are unable to exist.

3. This state of affairs has two interrelated effects: the disunity of democratic states facing the powerful internationale of dictatorial regimes.

As a result, the role of democracies in the current situation is reduced to powerless declarations, against the background of which dictatorial regimes terrorize both their own peoples as well as the other peoples of the world. The possession of nuclear weapons by Russian Putinists and Chinese Maoists is fraught with global catastrophe, as well as with the possibility of their patronage to other dictatorial regimes. A good example is the patronage of the Putin regime and the Chinese Maoists to the dictatorial regimes of Lukashenko, Maduro and others. Today the most urgent need is ripe to restructure the whole architecture of world security in favor of the dominance of the states that can boast democratic socio-political systems. A "multipolar world" in the slang of modern dictatorial regimes means the effective buildup of their spheres of influence with the prospect of world domination. To prevent this, the following steps are necessary.

1. Complete change of the format of all international organizations, starting with the UN. Any states recognized by the democratic world as dictatorial and totalitarian should be deprived of the right to vote. Any arguments about cutting off the paths for diplomatic dialogue in this way do not correspond to any logic, since, in this case, the ministries of foreign affairs would not stop their work in other forms of diplomacy.

2. Creation by the states with developed democracies, starting with the G7, an expert organization that would provide a legal assessment of specific regimes from the point of view of international law on the subject of dictatorship and totalitarianism. Such an organization should be formed unilaterally in close contact with the UN and other international organizations.

3. The priority of international law over the internal laws of the states recognized as dictatorial should be enshrined in international legislation by the governments of the countries with developed democracies. Hindering the Russian and Chinese dictatorships from adopting such a resolution at the UN should not serve as an obstacle to the international pressure on these and similar dictatorships.

4. In such conditions, the field of blackmail of dictatorial regimes, which is flourishing today, could be reduced to zero. If the laws of a country do not protect its people, and its law enforcement structures have degenerated into the death squadrons or Tonton-macoutes (as in Russia and Belarus, if a dictator uses chemical weapons against his subjects, as in the case of Navalny), then the international laws should come into force - not at the level of declarations, but in the form of real pressure, right up to the introduction of peacekeeping forces. As we can see, the existing UN mechanism is already unsuitable for such a mission, while all the complaints about “the interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states" in this case, could only come from those who benefit from torturing their peoples with impunity and unleashing aggressive wars against other peoples.

The realities of the beginning of the third millennium indicate that the time has long come to reorganize the global security architecture. The world should again become unipolar, dominated by the democracies that have enough forces and means to effectively influence the dictatorial regimes. We should not forget that the "equality" of the Third Reich and the Stalinist regime with the democracies of the West led to a world war. Therefore, the "real policy" of the West towards the contemporary heirs of Stalin and Hitler will inevitably lead to the same disaster. Indeed, the time has come for a unipolar world.

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