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  • Jakub Krzemiński


Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Jakub Krzemiński

Warsaw / November 6, 2020

This short essay has been written at the moment when the results of the US presidential election created the situation which can lead to de facto dual power. That, in turn, has only two options for further development:

(A) A complete upheaval of the whole political system that has become obsolete by the beginning of the third Millennium

(B) A civil war. But if that civil war happens it will not be limited to the USA only but will degenerate into a world war.

The background reason for the current crisis lies in the fact that our world has long been split into two sections: free world and dictatorial world, the latter one being dominated by neo-Marxism in all its forms, including the Neo-Nazism of Putin's or Lukashenko's style and Biden's socialism.

All destructive social movements from BLM and LGBT to Islamиc radicalism, are nothing more but the tools of neo-Marxism. At the same time, Neo-Marxism itself is in turn an instrument of global, transnational forces that are above all these Trumps, Bidens and their parties, over the entire financial and political system of the world and all "the dust of bygone centuries", in the words of Arthur Burton, the Gadfly, the character of the novel of the same name by Ethel Lillian Voynich. This “dust” is just being swept away before our eyes. However, it looks like the global "chess players" have outwitted themselves in the pursuit of a geopolitical redistribution of the world.

A colleague of mine keeps asking me if there is going to be a war. I am answering him that the odds are fifty to fifty. The outcome of the US election no longer matters. An irreconcilable struggle - or rather, a war between freedom and neo-Marxist slavery - has come to the fore. Since the 1960s , that slavery has been purposefully driven into the minds of the intellectual elite of the United States using the latest psychotronic technologies. In the nation's leading universities, red propaganda was rampant to such an extent that it could have been the envy of the Leninist-Stalinist Politburo and of Chairman Mao himself. The neo-Marxist takeover of American universities has produced devastating fruit, that today's America and the whole world are reaping.

There is also another America. The America of pioneering wilderness explorers who knows how to work and stand up for himself and who doesn't need Marxist handouts. To those who hate that alternative America and prefer to weep about "the tragedy of the Aboriginal peoples" and resent the "crimes" of the pioneers, I would advise to visualise their own scalps decorating the teepees of the Huron and Apache chiefs, as well as to look at the criminal faces of their own "presidents".

The two Americas were once temporarily reconciled. But as of today, they seem to be once again irreconcilable. And very similar polarity exists in the rest of the world. No illusion of "democracy", no circus show of money bags with fake names like "politics" and "elections" can make these two antagonistic social segments coexist.

We must face the truth: Armageddon is not a fairy tale or a horror story for young children. We are standing at its doorstep. Well… it is the beginning of the Millennium.

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