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  • Gary Gindler

The Beasts Smell Blood

May 15, 2021

China and Russia are aggressively raising their stakes against Taiwan and Ukraine. Why? Just take a sober view of Biden's America, at war with itself. China and Russia came to a pragmatic conclusion: America in 2021 has neither the desire nor the courage nor the political will to protect itself and its allies.

It was under Biden that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline work continued. It was under Biden that the preparations for the seizure of Taiwan by China entered the final phase. Under Biden, China's seizure of the South China Sea, suspended by Trump, is close to completion. Under Biden, both Russia and China decided on something that was simply unthinkable under Trump – they forced preparations for open aggression against neighbors.

Trump, at the end of a dinner with the Chinese leader, three months into his presidency, fired 60 Tomahawk missiles at Syria. Everything was organized so no one doubted that the missiles were intended for China and Russia's leaders, although they were fired into Syria. A year later, in February 2018, a platoon of American Rangers defeated a battalion tactical group of Russian mercenaries in Syria. Of the 500 people, few survived, and all 27 tanks and armored vehicles were destroyed in a four-hour battle.

Both China and Russia immediately realized that, with Trump, the guy who brought down a billion dollars' worth of missiles while sweets were being served, it was necessary to remain within the bounds of decency. Under Biden, no one is going to remain within these bounds. On the contrary, Beijing and Moscow are well aware that Biden is a temporary, accidental person in the White House, and it is necessary to strike while the iron is hot. Under Biden, Beijing's and Moscow's expansionist plans are destined to come true.

Russia and China are united against a common enemy. China's #1 territorial objective is the capture of Taiwan. Russia's territorial task #1 is the seizure of Ukraine. Trump was an insurmountable obstacle to their aggressive plans for four years. Putin has taught the world that he is amassing troops on the border with Ukraine every spring. But with each escalation, nothing happens. More precisely, nothing happened during the Trump era, but with Biden, it can explode.

Trump gave Ukraine the opportunity to arm and strengthen its army for four additional years and arm itself not with outdated Soviet equipment, but with modern NATO weapons. How did Ukraine use these four additional years? It's still unknown, but somehow, Trump is one of the most hated American presidents in Ukraine today.

The situation in Taiwan is spectacularly similar to the situation in Ukraine. In Taiwan, there is also an influential group that seeks Big Brother's wing. Big Brother for Taiwan is Beijing; for Ukraine, it is Moscow.

The hackers traditionally referred to as "the Russians" attacked the control system of a 5,000-mile pipeline on the U.S. Atlantic coast. Why? They knew full well that under Trump, the answer would be so dire that it's better not to even try. But under Biden, there may not be an answer at all. The "Russians" reasoned, quite soberly, that the shutdown of the pipeline plays into the hands of Biden and his entourage, who are likely to use this episode to advance their Green New Deal. (Note that Joe Biden shut off more pipelines in three months than all the cyber-attacks of 2021 combined, pushing America's gas prices to a six-year high.)

And so it has happened – the Biden administration openly distanced itself from this problem, stating that the cyber-attack was not against the United States, but against a private company, so let this private company figure it out.

At the same time, we should, as in most cases, use the word "Russians" in quotation marks because nowadays, any schoolchild can change his I.P. address at will. Hackers almost exclusively use other counties' I.P. addresses to deflect suspicion from themselves. As a matter of fact, most professional hacking resembles Russian matryoshka dolls – a false flag operation encapsulated in yet another, more extensive false flag operation.

It's not only Russia and China that are moving. Palestinian terrorists have also begun to stir. The Fuehrer of the Palestinian Terrorist Authority demanded from Biden that the United States overturned President Reagan's 1987 decision to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization as a terrorist organization. Mahmoud Abbas has been waiting a long time – he was silent under both Obama and Trump – but it was under Biden that Abbas raged. Moreover, he demanded this not just anywhere, but from the podium of J Street – the anti-Semitic Jewish organization of America, the Jewish assault battalion of the Democrat Party. It sounds as though the construction of the first Iranian nuclear bomb is ahead of schedule.

Hamas took a long time to prepare, but they realized that they had to hurry, too. Hundreds of rockets hit Israel just days after Biden complained that in 2024, he would re-duel with Trump. Even the remote possibility of Trump's return to the White House has forced Hamas to speed up its plans. A tiny Jewish democratic oasis in a sea of Islamic terrorist groups and Islamic tyrants is being bombed because a significant number of American Jews voted thoughtlessly in last year's presidential election.

It should not be forgotten that the bombing of Israel took place just a few weeks after Joe Biden restored multimillion-dollar funding to Palestinian terrorist organizations. The basis for this decision by Biden was the fact that Trump had frozen it.

Understanding the causal relationship between "no terrorist financing – no missile attacks" and "terrorist financing – missile attacks" is unattainable for Democrats since it requires a level of intelligence not envisioned by leftist dogma. If the Democrats had any remnant of their intellect left, they would have asked Hamas, which complains all the time that it has no money for a coronavirus vaccine, where its money came from for hundreds of rockets.

Finally, has anyone noticed a suspicious similarity in how Jewish pogroms under the leadership of Antifa, BLM, or Hamas proceed? The difference between them is only geographic, not ideological.

Vile creatures around the world fear Trump, but not Biden. Hamas does not fear Biden. The Palestinian Terrorist Autonomy does not fear Biden. The Houthis do not fear the Biden administration. The Revolutionary Terrorist Guard of Iran is also not afraid of Biden. America, in their eyes, is weak and decrepit, just like the inhabitant of the White House himself.

Three months after Biden moved to the White House, suddenly, as if on command, and almost simultaneously, many domestic and international crises have arisen. Note that all these villains are in quite a hurry. The weakness of the enemy always reassures those who have sold out to the devil.

Let's say thank you to Biden – now we know for sure what a world looks like in which no one reckons with America.

[Originally published by American Thinker]

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