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  • Jakub Krzemiński

The Lack of Freedom of Speech: Some Positive Aspects

Jakub Krzemiński

Warsaw / April 18, 2021

As of today, it is really hard to disagree with those who are talking about the lack of freedom of speech as a result of the degradation of basic freedoms of our civilized world. The reasons for this dramatic transformation deserve a separate discussion. Here though, I would like to mention that, in accordance with the logic of real life, every negative, and even tragic phenomenon also carries some positive aspects. Alas, not everyone notices them.

We can clearly see how some social networks (e.g., Facebook), as well as the resources like Google and Microsoft, have become strikingly similar to the systems of totalitarian censorship in third World countries, and understanding of this fact should lead every free, independent-minded person, alien to propaganda and seeking to know the true picture of the world, to the following pattern of behavior:

1. If any information in social networks is marked by its non-recognition by "independent experts", one should take it as a clear sign that the information has a real basis. The corrupt unscrupulousness of those "experts" and network owners, starting with Mr. Zuckerberg, who receives his 30 pieces of silver from both тхе global structures and the FSB of Russia, is well known.

2. It is necessary to learn how to "separate sheep from goats" in the huge flow of information. And we must also remember that there is almost no single honest, independent commentator from among the famous ones. Pretty often, the information from those who are not advertised and do not gain a lot of views, is the only reliable one. You can find such sources independently only if you know the trends in a particular topic. You can also get help from competent trusted people, so do not hesitate to contact them again and again.

3. During the current period totally dominated by propaganda and suppression of any attempts to learn and convey the truth, it is extremely important to compare what you read with what you see in real life. A resident of Russia who is horrified by the insane rise in prices in his country and the fall in the exchange rate of the national currency, can compare it with the statements by Russian propaganda, which has become misanthropic and typically Nazi- and Goebbels-style. A Canadian who is able to see how the totalitarian Trudeau regime is no longer hiding behind the screen of the so-called "democracy", can correctly assess the courage of such people as Arthur Pawlowsky, the priest from Calgary, who had guts to expell police officers from the shrine after they tried to order him to disrupt the Mass of Great Saturday under the pretext of "fighting the pandemic".

4. The current level of development of mass media, the speed of its dissemination, its ability to record video materials using a regular phone and other features, make it possible to independently assess events and their essence. A close-up of Mr. Putin's hands, for example, clearly indicates the process of thrombosis in his body, while his wild antics and grimaces as well as his inadequate statements contradict the Agitprop myth about his "complete health". Here one just needs to develop elementary ability to observe, independently of one's profession and/or education.

In the context of today's global war against all our traditional freedoms, first of all against our freedom of speech, it is also necessary to remember that nowadays the notorious "pluralism and freedom of opinion" are forever over. Oddly enough, this is also a positive factor. Pluralism often led to fruitless discussions under the baton of professional manipulators. All this kept creating confusion, chaos, and what can be defined as loss of direction that would benefit both the above manipulators and their employers.

Today, we have a real opportunity to develop our own worldview, independent of external attempts to turn us into obedient puppets. That requires very serious work, which is impossible without the desire for truth. However, this work can make it possible to consciously build your own life instead of acting as a volunteer propagandist for those who do not wish us well.

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