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The Triumph of Deripaska: a Few Strokes to the Portrait of the Kremlin Gang

Even at the dawn of Vladimir Putin's coming to power in Russia, some military analysts kept warning that the merging of the top echelons of power and special services of the Russian Federation with organized crime posed a huge threat to international security. Only 20 years later, this simple truth began to gradually reach the ears Western leaders, when the state sponsored organized crime of Russian leadership degenerated into outright state terrorism. As a result, slowly and almost with the creaking sounds produced by an unlubricated wheel, bills on combating shadow money of foreign origin began to be submitted to the US Congress. Such a “turtle style” policy could be explained by one major fact - the investment of astronomical sums of those more than shadow funds by the Russian state crime into Western economies, banks and even into the pockets of some officials. What this rain of money turned out to be for the West became finally clear after Russia's ultimatum to the entire Euro-Atlantic community.

Here is just one example. Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska has always been a welcome resident and a subject of big business in the above-mentioned USA. American authorities were stubbornly trying to pretend that they did not know how could one become an "aluminum tycoon" of the first generation in such countries as Russia. Neither did they wish to know that the giant fortunes accumulated by that "tycoon" were simply stolen from the poor, dying out population of his native country. Accordingly, Deripaska's business in the United States has been flourishing and since 2007, while he has been a member of the top business communities, including the World Economic Forum in Davos.

However, let's return to the background of Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska who is such a famous and multitalented businessman. Quite a few bloggers and Russian-speaking analysts who in the past had served in the special services of the USSR attribute to him some connection with the Soviet KGB going back to his youth including his student years at Moscow State University. That period of Oleg Deripaska’s life falls at the beginning of the 90s (he graduated from Moscow State University in 1993), the period marked with the collapse of both the USSR and KGB. From my own experience, I know that at that period of time the two organizations that replaced KGB – MBR and FSK - were nothing more but a pathetic semblance of the former KGB absolutely unable to resist numerous gangster groups that actually seized power in the country. Therefore, it is hardly possible to assume that Oleg Deripaska could be their agent. (MBR was the abbreviation for Russian Ministry for Security which existed from January 1992 to December 1993, while FSK stood Federal Counterintelligence Service which existed from December 1993 to April 1995).

Instead of that though he became close to the gangster community organized by the criminal boss whose name was Mikhail Chernoy and his brother Lev Chernoy. In addition to that, Deripaska also became associated with other two brothers – Mikhail and Boris Kosykh. Mikhail Kosykh was "an accountant-banker” who was responsible for keeping and managing the underground funds (known in Russian slang as Obshchak) that belonged to several criminal clans. While performing those duties Mikhail Kosykh was investing money in various projects. One of such projects organized by Kosykh together with a few other “gentlemen of fortune” resulted in bringing to Russia a number of Italian companies that were producing household appliances. Another project brought to Russia the Japanese trading house Itochu, which was a distributor of Mitsubishi Electronics and of the automakers Subaru and Suzuki. And guess who was helping to start those projects at their initial stage? it was Oleg Deripaska, a graduate of Moscow State University with the degree in Physics and Math. The crowned criminal bosses mentioned above also cooperated closely with newly created gangster associations, which mainly consisted of former veterans of the war in Afghanistan, as well as for the former athletes, cops and KGB officers, using those mobsters primarily for the forceful seizure of other people’s businesses and for the elimination of various competitors. Indeed, those days all Russian business was based on the Law of the Jungle: whoever was stronger was right, and Oleg Deripaska actively participated in implementation strengthening the principles of those laws. One can also mention that among others, the Kosykh brothers were directly connected with the Izmailovskaya criminal group and with the Taganskaya association of Russian veterans of the Afghan war.

Deripaska's real star rose when the Chernoy brothers together with British businessmen David and Simon Rubin, created an offshore company Trans World Group (TWG). By 1996, that group acquired large stakes of the aluminum plants in Bratsk, Krasnoyarsk and Sayanovsky. It also seized control over the financial flows of the aluminum plants in Novokuznetsk and Bogoslovsky. Pretty soon TWG could boast control over 73% of all aluminum production in Russia. In addition, TWG acquired significant blocks of shares of metallurgical plants in Novolipetsk and Magnitogorsk. Major partners of Mikhail Chernoy partners in his aluminum business were such major criminal bosses as Sergey Aksenov and Dmitry Pavlov - the leaders of the Izmailovsko-Golyanovskaya criminal group founded by Anton Malevsky, as well as Sergey Popov and Sergey Lalakin - the heads of the Podolsk organized criminal group. That business constellation also included Uzbek professional card player Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov and a few other persons of similar profile. However, as all those people could not be official co-owners and partners and had to stay in the shadows, it was Oleg Deripaska who received all legal powers from them. Accordingly, he was secretly responsible for keeping and managing all their assets in the above business.

Later, in the early 2000s, Deripska came into close contact with Vladimir Putin, and after having acquired his patronage support, began to crack down on all his underworld partners. Anton Malevsky died in South Africa as a result of an unsuccessful parachute jump. Soon after his death, Marikela and Vitya Roman, who were looking after Malevsky's money, died almost simultaneously in Austria. Officially both healthy and athletic men died of heart attack. Quite naturally, with the death of the criminal bosses, Deripaska started to employ the major fighters and killers from those criminal communities into his own security service, eventually forming a single community of professional assassins. From that moment on, Deripaska became one of Putin's trusted wallets as well as the executor of many of his criminal orders. Most likely, it was the above mentioned Deripaska’s fighters who joined the infamous secret unit for extrajudicial killings and various other crimes, both inside Russia and abroad, which I had mentioned earlier.

And now let us also recall the infamous story of Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead in his cell on August 10, 2019, where he was placed on federal charges of trafficking minors in Florida and New York. Among the sites of pedophile orgies there were - and still are - two Epstein-owned Virgin Islands: Little St. James and the nearby Great St. James. That, so to speak, community which includes the most influential people in the world, among them Prince Andrew, also had a so-called "Russian section” headed by none other than Oleg Deripaska. Epstein died, but the islands are still there, while “the community” still keeps successfully enjoying its entertainment. It is there that Oleg Vladimirovich serves part-time as one of “the postmen” who personally hand over letters to their highest-ranking recipients from his Kremlin masters. One might say that letters on paper are kind of old-fashioned but they are still used there because the manuscripts are burning, unlike electronic messages. As for telephone lines, some of them are closed, but again - it depends for whom. After being read the letters are burned, just like in some old novels, and… away with them.

Therefore, only on October 19, 2021, the US FBI conducted "law enforcement actions" in Deripaska's home in Washington. It turned out that he was directly connected with the interference of Russian special services in the holy of holies of American democracy - in the presidential election. However, in the summer of 2006, according to The Wall Street Journal, the US authorities cancelled Deripaska’s American visa that had been issued to him in 2005, due to his suspected links with organized crime. Self-explanatory, Deripaska rejected those accusations. After losing the trial, he continued his fruitful activities not only in the United States: in October 2009, an article appeared in the newspaper El Mundo that Spanish law enforcement agencies suspected Deripaska of involvement in laundering some 4 million euros during the period from 2001 to 2004 through the "accounts of the Russian mafia" in Spain. On April 6, 2018, Deripaska fell under personal sanctions being included in the US "Kremlin list" together with 17 officials and 7 entrepreneurs from Russia. But what a miracle! On January 28, 2019, the US government lifted sanctions against Deripaska's companies Rusala, En+ Group and Eurosibenergo. At the same time, Deripaska himself remained under sanctions. A perfect illustration of the magical power of corruption as well as of the important role of a “VIP postman” when all those sanctions are not worth a dime. Those days all the media were applauding the wisdom of Donald Trump, who "saved jobs for the Americans". However, they chose to remain modestly silent about how that "wisdom" undermined US national security.

Now here is a vivid example of what a huge threat Oleg Vladimirovich may poses to the security of both individual Western states and their citizens, as well as to global security. On May 20, 2009, the Tu154M 36 aircraft of the Polish Air Force Regiment N101, intended for flights of the first persons of the Polish state, flew to Samara to the Aviakor enterprise for "scheduled maintenance". The company mentioned is part of the Russkiye Mashiny machine-building holding controlled by Oleg Deripaska's financial-industrial group Bazovyi Element. The "maintenence" was performed during the period from June 2, 2009 to December 23, 2009.

Before the plane took off from Warsaw, Alexey Gusev, General director of Aviakor, received a telephone order from Deripaska: none of the Samara employees of the company should approach the plane, since it is to be handled by "a group of experts" from Moscow - and by no one else. The "group" in question included a few quite interesting "experts", including GRU Major General Yuri Ivanov, who since Soviet times had specialized in aircraft sabotage. As a result of the "maintenance", radio-controlled sabotage equipment was installed on the N101 aircraft, causing "at the right moment" the distortion of the altimeter readings, disrupting the operation of the ABSU onboard control system and the US-made ground obstacle warning system. According to the same insider data, an explosive device was also mounted in Samara at the base of the left wing of the aircraft. On April 10, 2010, over the Severny airfield in Smolensk, the first explosion in the air destroyed the left wing, the plane began to collapse, after which the main explosive device went off under the cabin in the fuselage. As a result of that act of state terrorism, 94 representatives of the Polish elite were killed along with Polish President Lech Kaczynski together with the First Lady Maria Kaczynska,. It was the repetition of Katyn exactly on the day of the 70th Anniversary of the Katyn massacre.

At the same time, Deripaska's call to Director General Gusev is in itself a ticket to The Hague with a tour to its major attraction - the building of the International Tribunal. However, Major General Ivanov will never get there, as six months after the Smolensk disaster, Ivanov's body was found by fishermen near the coast of Turkey. The official version: the military intelligence officer drowned as a result of overestimating his own physical abilities while on vacation at Latakia resort in Syria in the summer residence of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad located 90 km from the place where the corpse was discovered.

Ivanov's colleagues conducted their own investigation and found out that the general was liquidated by the specialists of a secret FSB unit. According to my data, it happened after drunk Ivanov let a slip to his colleagues from special services of Russia and Syria that he, "just like Ivan Susanin, led the Poles into the forest trap near Smolensk". He also boasted that for having performed that he was decorated with a military order personally by Putin on the Victory Day (May 9, 2010).

Thus, Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska has an unenviable choice. A terrorist – does not necessarily look like an illiterate, ferocious man in a shahid's belt, armed with daggers and pistols. It may well be someone who graduated from the Department of Physics of Moscow State University and from the Russian Plekhanov’s Academy of Economics. Just like Deripaska. And any ferocity can be successfully replaced by suggestibility, hysteria and unbalance, so typical of Oleg Vladimirovich. He does not allow any objections and considers his personal opinion to be the most correct and indisputable. I personally had a chance to encounter these traits of his character during the time of our joint work on the project of the construction of a cement plant in the city of Mikhailov (Ryazan province), led by the company Bazovyi Element.

At this moment, Oleg Deripaska is left with his last asset – Nornickel company, which is not yet subject to sanctions, and which could still serve as a financial source for possible new bloody crimes of this scumbag and his gang of sadists and murderers. And it might be a high time to take a closer look at this asset fueling the activities of the Putin-Deripaska gang.

Editorial notes:

(1) One should not think that Oleg Deripaska's "triumph" was just an accident. It is not entirely clear on whose will, but just at the right time Deripaska turned out to be a member of the Boris Yeltsin family, and not the “family” in quotation marks, but in the direct meaning of the word, since from 2001 to 2018 he was the husband of Yeltsin’s granddaughter and the son-in-law of Valentin Yumashev, whom the American historian and journalist Paul Khlebnikov considered the "gray eminence" under Yeltsin and even a kind of an uncrowned ruler of Russia.

(2) According to countless open sources, Mr, Deripaska came from underclass, just like most representatives of contemporary Russian "elites". Apparently, that explains their pathological greed, cruelty and lust for power.

(3) While advising contemporary Western rulers to “take a closer look” at those with whom they are dealing in Russia, the author of the video essay cited above, probably forgets the famous words of Lloyd George, who declared during his term as the 53rd Prime Minister of Great Britain that it is quite possible "to trade and with cannibals". This phrase, spoken shortly after the end of the First World War and the Russian Civil War, signaled the beginning of the process of evolution of the Western world, which led it to its current state.

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