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  • Rafał Barnaś


Warsaw / January 24, 2021

As of today, some people express an opinion that Donald Trump was an immature president, that he was unbalanced and lacked diplomatic skills. His past business contacts with the Russians kept arousing emotions for a long time and heightening the question of whether he was a "Russian agent"...

However, during his presidency, the situation of small and medium-sized enterprises has significantly improved. He lowered taxes and signed quite a few prospective deals, mainly in the Middle East...

Nevertheless, the American nation still remains divided like never before …

One of the countries that fell under his spell was Poland. In the Polish public media, he was known as a great friend who promised a lot to the Poles who had demonstrated great bravery and courage during World War II. However, apart from a few handshakes with the Polish President, Donald Trump did absolutely nothing for us. Even the cancellation of visa regime for Polish nationals so loudly advertised in the media has been done not by Donald Trump or the US Congress but rather by the immigration statistics. On the other hand, he contributed to the Polish conflict with the rest of the EU, thanks to which our economic development got the greatest boost in history.

So, Donald Trump moved out of the White House leaving behind the whole bunch of question marks. But what about the new US President - Joe Biden? Can one say that he is a hope for a better future?

It might be quite important to look at how the new administration is going to approach the main problem - the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the resulting economic crisis. In case it decides to consider the liberalization of social life and the implementation of the postulates of extreme left-wing organizations as its main mission, it will definitely suffer a disastrous defeat and will further destabilize the situation in the country.

It might also be interesting to mention Bernie Sanders - the declared American communist - who transferred his support to Biden and nowadays remains in the shadow of the new cabinet. We still do not know what he has been promised and whether he will have any real influence on American policy.

But can we consider all those people the real rulers of America and of the Western world? Well… that is a good question…

As of today, it seems quite logical to put forward the thesis that the world is ruled by an elite that owns unimaginably vast funds and almost unlimited power, and, above all, can boast quite impressive origins. However, anyone who would dare putting forward such a thesis would be immediately labelled a follower of "conspiracy theories".

OK, let us stay away from those theories. But is anyone able to name the owners of major private banks? Or the heads of the wealthiest investment groups? Or the real owners of pharmaceutical and defense companies? Or the real owners of major fuel companies?

Of course, if one poses such questions the answer will be that all those companies are owned by their shareholders. But who are those shareholders? Who owns all those impressive investment funds and venture capital groups? What are their full names? What are their places of residence? And if they are hiding the above information then why would they prefer to stay in the shadow? Well... you will be given no answers, and the circle will be closed leaving only big question marks. And that leads to the most important question: isn't the concentration of almost unlimited funds in the hands of a small but very influential group a threat to democracy?

In the book "The Poisonous Files" written by Yours Truly together with Dr. Jakub Krzemiński, we address the concept of the dark aristocracy - a group of old European families descending from the higher caste of the priests that governed ancient Babylon and Egypt. That group can boast almost unlimited influence in our world while its membership and lifestyle has for centuries being built in accordance with sophisticated Babylonian rituals.

In our next book, that is going to be published under the name "The Venetian Gate", we will try to answer the question of how the black aristocracy came to Europe and name its most prominent members who have been playing quite an important role in the world history over the course of several thousand years.

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