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  • Gary Gindler


June 22, 2021

The first UFO term in the title means, of course, “Unidentified Flying Objects;” the second means “United Fakenews Organizations.” Why suddenly are UFOs trending everywhere? Previous UFO eruptions occurred in 1947, 1952, and 1965. However, the UFO furor of 2020-2021 differs from all others because it is the first substantial UFO scare after President Carter created the Department of Education in 1979.

Formally, it all started six months ago, when the requirement for U.S. government agencies to reveal what they know about the UFO had been sneaked into the massive COVID-19 relief bill with significant bipartisan support. The support was strengthened by the national dulling of approximately two generations of Americans under the Department of Education, and the election of duly indoctrinated Representatives and Senators. The result as far as public literacy is well known: the United States’ rank in math worldwide dropped from first to thirty-first, and the situation in reading and science is not better.

Have COVID-19 added fuel to the fire? You bet. UFO sightings swelled during the pandemic: a quarter of last year’s reports occurred in March and April, when much of the country was under lockdown due to the pandemic. In late April of this year, the Pentagon released naval footage of “unidentified aerial phenomena” that went viral online. To add to the paranoid atmosphere, the much-anticipated UFO report should drop this week.

The recent hysteria about the UFO by the UFO has all hallmarks of desperation by dwellers of the Washington swamp. By December 2020, the political creatures realized they could no longer use the coronavirus scare to control people. Like the experienced magicians, they needed to switch the attention of the unsuspecting public into something as sensational as coronavirus, which had overplayed its role in politics.

Yes, it is a proven scam. The UFO con belongs to the arsenal of tools that seem like they are not related: global cooling (followed by global warming), ozone hole, birthing man, planet Nibiru, and 5G mind control. Add to the mix the Net Neutrality pseudo-problem, Area 51 aliens, and anti-red-wine panic (followed by the propaganda of the red-wine health benefits, of course.)

Now, the old UFO political theatrics has been recycled.

Please keep in mind that UFO sightings do have a straightforward explanation. The explanation does not require aliens, aliens’ abductions, or the Roswell incident. It is known for decades and requires just a rudimentary knowledge of some elements of physics.

Let’s start with some obvious facts—light propagates through various media. The media could be uniform (like a vacuum), or slightly non-uniform (interstellar space), or non-uniform (air). In day-to-day life, we rarely pay attention to the non-uniformity of air around us. Except for clouds and the occasional rain or snow, we never think of the atmosphere as a non-uniform substance.

In reality, our planet’s air is very far from uniform. Since school years, we know that the atmosphere is densest at sea level, and that air density drops with elevation. That is on average. On top of this, the air has microscopic fluctuations in air’s properties, which, in most cases, are very small, but on rare occasions, can develop over great distances—like thousands of miles. Air comprises numerous layers of various sizes in vertical and horizontal planes. Most of these layers resemble thin, flat pancakes, but some rare ones resemble thin pipes. Without going even further into the physics, note that some air structures can trap light inside them.

Anyone can repeat the following experiment. Take an ordinary garden hose and lay it on the flat ground. If the hose is perfectly straight, we can see the sunlight coming from the other side of the hose. Moreover, if the hose is bent slightly, we still can see some light that has entered the other side of the hose. That is a manifestation of the waveguide effect when light is trapped inside a structure. The internal surface of the garden hose does not allow light to escape—the light is “guided” along the curvatures of the hose. Of course, a garden hose is not a very efficient waveguide—if it is bent too much or is too long, the trapped light inside will eventually dissipate and disappear from view. Scientists have created artificial waveguides (optical fibers) that can channel light for hundreds of miles (this is how the modern Internet works). However, mother nature can create optical waveguides too, and on a much larger—planetary—scale.

On infrequent occasions, gigantic garden hose-like structures appear in the air. They are not visible to the naked eye. However, light, if it enters one such structure, can propagate from one end to another. At night, the visual effect would be a bright area in a dark sky. Sometimes light travels inside such a natural waveguide via multiple paths so that the visible effect would be a cluster of lights.

Finally, to explain the UFO sightings, note that such air waveguiding structures are not stable. Winds over long distances and vertical movements of air destroy such natural formations rather quickly. That’s why the overwhelming majority of UFO sightings disappear within minutes. While an atmospheric waveguide exists, it is prone to fluctuations (that eventually destroy it), but the visible effect is erratic, high-speed movements of the visible lights in the sky. These movements often appear to “defy laws of gravity” because the calculated acceleration of the “visible body” would disintegrate any physical object and kill any living organisms on such flying objects.

The UFOs are moving in this way because they are not alien spaceships. They are not physical bodies. UFOs don’t have “anti-gravity propulsion.” UFOs are simply channeled portions of light (mostly sunlight, but there are reports of alternative light sources, like rocket’s exhaust.) It explains why these “objects” travel at speeds that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom​, in complete silence. Besides visible light, radio waves can enter such natural waveguides, too; thus, many UFOs got “detected” by radars or infrared cameras.

Any attempt to chase such naturally occurring “objects” is destined to fail. First, there is nothing to chase. There is no physical body whizzing across the sky, just sunlight dapple. Second, approaching the UFO intensifies air fluctuations that destroy the channeling effect even faster—that’s why chasing a UFO always was and always will be unsuccessful. UFOs will simply “disappear at light speed” every time. In reality, they might “disappear” only to the initial observer; bending the waveguide, like bending a garden hose, merely points the light in another direction. Another person, quite distant from the first, could suddenly see the same UFO. Basically, mother nature plays with fighter jets trying to intercept UFOs just like we play a laser pointer with a cat.

The well-known toy—a kaleidoscope—is an example of a primitive waveguide. The described phenomena could be rephrased as a flexible, hundreds-mile-long kaleidoscope. The light clusters could “rotate” if the air waveguide (gigantic natural kaleidoscope) rotates or otherwise deforms. If water or other particles exist on the light’s path inside a waveguide, they could scatter and/or produce different colors. Many UFOs recordings look like flying machines with several bright sidelights that move in sync; nevertheless, they are not extraterrestrial intelligence.

Naturally occurring waveguides exist not only in the atmosphere, but also in the ocean. Sound is trapped in the stratified columns of the ocean’s water, and this effect allows submarine detection over hundreds of miles. If the ocean’s internal acoustic waveguides have found some technical applications, atmospheric waveguides are primarily used, or rather abused, by Hollywood grifters and other United Fakenews Organizations. Every military on the planet knows the correct answer to the “unidentified aerial phenomena,” but they prefer to keep silent not to reveal what they know to other militaries.

If the UFO phenomena could be explained in such straightforward terms, why the hysteria? Why has UFO become one of the tools in the WMD (Weapons of Mass Disinformation) arsenal? In short, Big Science is inseparable from Big Government and Big Business—at least financially. Taxpayer-sponsored science has existed since around World War II, flourished during the Cold War, but the payoffs have dropped off considerably. In fact, the data shows that government funding of research crowded out more useful work. Contrary to that evidence, the Biden Administration has promised to increase the U.S. government’s science funding by some 20% over the next year—much of that going towards CRT-type programming to “advance racial equity in science and engineering.”

In President Biden’s era of pseudo-science, America enters the phase of Schizo-Socialism, when stultification of the American people plays a crucial role in achieving leftist goals. We expect more sightings of Bigfoot and more “confirmed alien abductions” via the “giant ozone hole” in the future. As for scientists, the “UFO phenomena” was never a phenomenon to study. It was always a part of unpublished scientific folklore for scientists—everybody knows about it, so nobody even bothers to apply for a grant to research it.

Charlatans from United Fakenews Organizations will promote UFOs like never before. Their past achievements are impressive—almost twice as many Democrats as Republicans believe in UFOs and alien abductions. In the name of equity, this discrepancy is not tolerable for the stultifying woke culture and must be rectified. The woke culture—a pandemic of society’s cultural dysfunction—is fueled not only by the yobbery of two generations of Americans who were never taught to think. It’s powered by their elected representatives too.

In Biden’s America, everybody must concentrate on alien invasion from outer space and ignore alien invasion from across our borders.

[Originally published at Human Events]

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