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  • Andrew Andersen


Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Canada / November 7, 2023

Looking at what is happening these days in North America, Europe, South Africa, Israel, some of us can't help but ask: "When will the Germans, Americans, French, and others finally wake up?"

That's a good question. A very good one indeed. But the answer is still up in the air...

However, I'll venture to express my opinion on what is actually needed for these "sleeping" segments of the population to "awaken" and restore order in their countries. Naturally, this concerns relatively democratic countries (which can also be called ochlocratic or post-democratic), not dictatorships like Russia or Belarus.

In my humble opinion, which I don't impose on anyone but firmly believe in, the "awakening" requires at least the following nine conditions:

1. A more or less high level of intellectual capacity among the main mass of the population and, most importantly, the ability to think logically and independently.

2. A somewhat decent level of knowledge about the basics of history and the political structure of society.

3. A certain level of morality, implying the existence of concepts like "good," "bad," "just," and "unjust."

4. Understanding a certain duty towards the future of the country and one's descendants.

5. A sense of personal dignity and a reasonably high self-esteem, understanding that one is worthy of freedom and respect.

6. An adequate level of courage and at least some positive assertiveness.

7. A satisfactory level of financial well-being.

8. Adequate amounts of free time (a condition directly related to the previous one).

9. Relative ethno-cultural homogeneity of the concerned segments of the population.

And now let's see how these conditions are met in our societies and within the segments that are of certain interest to us.

Let's start with the intellectual level and the ability to think independently.

Of course, there are people who are naturally intelligent and capable of thinking logically and independently from birth, but they are few. In most cases, intelligence needs to be developed, and the ability to think needs to be learned. Again, a small number of people are capable of developing and learning to think independently, but the majority need to be taught this.

Who should teach them this? Undoubtedly - schools, universities, and parents or other older relatives. Are they taught this in most educational institutions or in most families? Unfortunately, no. In schools and universities, the still-forming minds of students are instilled with a leftist, globalist ideology - thoroughly false, but it's difficult for the young to understand this independently (with very rare exceptions). And as for independent thinking - they are more likely taught the opposite, not to mention that in most cases, the teachers and 'professors' themselves are incapable of this. In this regard, I recall an incident from my teaching practice at the University of Victoria in the mid-90s. Back then, a couple of fanatic students,

instigated by a few leftist professors, reported me, accusing me of having right-wing views and even racism. During the investigation, I was completely exonerated, but... one known to me high-ranking government official told me over a cocktail: 'Your main offense was not what they tried to accuse you of! Your offense was that you taught our students to think'... Need I further comment that? It seems unnecessary... This is what is considered an offense nowadays…

Well, I've already written about schools and universities, but what about families? Here, unfortunately, things aren't so rosy either! The majority of parents also can't teach their children to think and develop their intellect because they themselves aren't trained in that. Besides, they don't have the time! Nowadays, more and more families have both parents working, sometimes not just at one job, but two. In this hectic lifestyle, when do they have time to teach their children to think and exercise their minds?

By the way, about the minds... We already have the third generation of hereditary drug addicts growing up, with inherent brain defects, and, accordingly, their minds are not functioning entirely adequately.

Moving on to the level of knowledge and general erudition..

Professionals in the field of education won't let me lie: education in our schools and universities becomes more unsystematic and simplified with each passing year. Graduates, in the end, know very little, at least in the fields of history and social sciences. Sometimes, they are presented with false and distorted information influenced by leftist ideologies. Those who are ignorant of the past cannot avoid the mistakes of their ancestors! Anyone ignorant of the fundamentals of societal structure and methods of its governance is almost always destined to become a subject of manipulation...

Certainly, some parents could have taught this, but... about parents and what they are capable of today, I've just written - see two paragraphs above.

One might argue: in this age of the internet, one can learn everything on their own. I would respond: yes, it's possible! Undoubtedly, it's possible! But to do so, one needs to know what and where to search for, and most undereducated students are simply incapable of this. Because even the art of finding information on the internet needs to be taught. I taught this to my students, but not all did or do.

Additionally, one might think that those studying exact sciences graduate with genuine knowledge, free from destructive ideologies, but even this is not always the case. Not to mention that their specialization, typically, is too narrow, which does not elevate their low level of general development.

Now, about morality.

In modern schools, teachers and social workers (these neo-commissars - particularly harmful characters) not only fail to teach children what is good and what is bad but do quite the opposite. They impress upon them that they are 'good,' no matter how they behave or what misdeeds they commit. Criticizing anyone is not allowed so as not to 'hurt delicate feelings' (as if they genuinely cared about someone's feelings!) - but how do you expect to live without these standards?

In "good old days", not only elementary school taught this, but primarily - the church. But I'd rather not even try to write about modern churches. So, here, too - things are going from bad to worse.

When it comes to understanding the duty that each person has towards the future of the country and his/her descendants, the situation today is truly disheartening.

Even in recently highly developed and prosperous countries, people have long been implanted with twisted ideas that patriotism and love for their country are almost fascism. For instance, in countries like

Germany or Canada, displaying the national flag has long been regarded as a sign of hateful right-wing views. In those places, the so-called "progressive" individuals might even break windows or puncture tires if they see a national flag sticker on a car bumper. In the UK, displaying the British, especially the English, flags (both are bearing crosses) is seen by the police as "provocative."

As for the duty towards descendants... Native inhabitants of our countries are actively led to believe that reproducing and multiplying are crimes against nature (yet another "crime!"). Germany excels in this narrative more than other nations, but unfortunately, others aren't far behind. So, what duty exists towards descendants when, according to the "masters of minds," one shouldn't even bring children into the world?

Now let's move on to concepts like a sense of personal dignity and reasonably high self-esteem, implying the understanding that an individual deserves freedom and respect.

Well, on the surface, things seem to be in order in this regard. Even too much so. This is because our schools and social services encourage children and young people to be selfish and have unlimited self-love. Though self-love and dignity are, of course, different things. But even here, it's not that simple. In our countries, several rather peculiar youth movements are also quite popular, with the slogan "I am nothing!" Have you not seen T-shirts with such inscriptions? I have, and you probably just haven't paid attention, as some of our youngsters do wear such T-shirts.

Now, a few words about having a sufficient level of courage and a certain 'positive aggressiveness'...

This is something the majority of people lack. Once again, schools and social services fail to nurture in young people a fighting spirit. It's understandable. They need spineless, submissive persons, and they successfully achieve that. Well, brave and decisive individuals certainly do exist, of course, but they are scarce. Moreover, many of them veer into criminality, thus becoming practically useless for addressing crucial societal issues.

I've mentioned multiple times in my previous articles that for any political activism (which is precisely what I mean by "awakening"), a person needs a certain level of financial well-being.

Hungry and poor individuals don't engage in politics. At best, they can be assembled into a crowd for a brief outburst, but more often to tackle tactical tasks, which are usually destructive and counterproductive. The current quality of life of the majority of our peoples in this aspect is very poor. If not so long ago, one man could adequately provide for a family, now both partners have to work, sometimes at two jobs, just to maintain minimal financial comfort in a household. Family expenses have skyrocketed in recent decades, while wages leave much to be desired. Not to mention that for autochtonous men, it's nearly impossible to break into high-paying jobs unless they have strong family connections or are being promoted by the intelligence services of hostile states. In any case, our "worn-out, toiling brothers" have no energy left for "awakening"...

When it comes to having enough free time (a condition directly related to the previous one), how can one expect to have it when they're working for peanuts at two jobs? They're lucky if they manage to grab a bite, catch a little sleep, and then get back to work again......

And, finally, let's get to the question of relative ethno-cultural homogeneity in the population segments we're discussing.

This is indeed a sensitive issue. Merely thinking about it is fraught with accusations of racism, ultra-nationalism, and other serious allegations that could land one in prison! So, I want to emphasize that I'm not attempting, in this essay, to claim that the dilution of the traditional population of formerly

economically developed and democratic countries with incoming elements from underdeveloped regions and regressing societies is bad. God forbid! Though I'm not saying it's good either. I'm not aiming to pass any judgment, particularly considering that the concepts of "good" and "bad" have long been blurred in our context.

However, I take the liberty to contend that it's very challenging for members of various cultures and different mentalities living side by side to establish a common platform for action and to effectively cooperate in general over the protection of their shared interests. Not because someone is better or worse, but because they think differently, have diverse life demands, and struggle to understand each other (even when they speak the same language, although this isn't always the case) and, to put it mildly, don't inherently trust each other due to their differences.

Maybe that's why the ideas of 'multiculturalism' are so encouraged today? It's quite possible! Considering the fact that there are quite evident attempts to divide and atomize our societies by all possible means, but that's a separate and very particular issue going beyond the framework of this short essay.


As a result, the picture is rather bleak. One might even conclude that THEY will never wake up and will continue to languish in a half-dream or, God forbid, be 'taken to a better world' in their sleep. But... history sometimes takes unexpectedly dramatic turns. And sometimes those who seem to be long and hopelessly asleep might awaken. So... let's hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and... do our part to the end.

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