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  • Jakub Krzemiński


Warsaw / June 28, 2021

On June 23 of this year, a NATO military operation was carried out against Russia by the destroyer Defender of the Royal Navy of Great Britain. The essence of that operation was as follows:

1. The operation was planned by the British government together with its NATO allies, primarily the United States. The destroyer Defender received a task: the crossing from Odessa to Batumi through the point lying 19 kilometers from the coast of the Crimea, occupied by Russia, in the area of Cape Fiolent.

2. The choice of this particular vessel for the above mission was not accidental. The destroyer Defender 45 of the Royal Navy is one of the best warships in the world. It entered service in 2013. It is equipped with the most modern weapons on board, including but not limited to the reconnaissance systems, missiles and torpedoes, as well as with a variety of anti-ship, anti-submarine, anti-shore and anti-air systems. The ship itself has been designed both for the air defense and for the protection of the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, the flagship of the aircraft carrier group.

3. Such a ship was needed for a single passage on a course that complies with the norms of international maritime law, to the disappointment of Russian occupants. Due to its aggressive policy, Russia is often labelled a bandit and pirate country, whose fleet (as, indeed, everything else) has also been designed as bandit and pirate one. It is capable of attacking small defenseless vessels of small and peaceful countries. In this case though, Russian occupants and pirates were faced with one the most modern warships, capable of sending all the pirate ships under Russian flag to the bottom. In this case, the insolent pirates, in turn, found themselves weak and defenseless, as can be evident even from the photos where the Russian ships look like ragged and pathetic boats next to the British giant. And the Russian SU planes, "buckets with cogs", as they are called everywhere in the world, looked just as pathetic.

4. If Russian ships and airplanes had actually dared to open fire at the Defender (in reality, not in the words of the ridiculous lies of Russian propaganda), all the NATO forces and battleships, starting with the destroyer itself, were ready for retaliation actions, as confirmed by the data received from the most serious and reliable sources.

If it came to the real confrontation, the Defender would have sunk all Russian ships, shot down all Russian airplanes and would have also launched missile strikes on the coastal defense of the Russians as well as on the headquarters of their Black Sea Fleet. And, believe me, the Russian naval command was aware of that.

At the same time, a massive strike by the aircraft carrier group would have been carried out on the Crimea and on various objects deep in the Russian territory using both cruise missiles and F35 fighters from the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth. And indeed, by the beginning of the above-mentioned operation, all NATO forces were in a state of "high readiness". Especially, the forces stationed in East Mediterranean Basin.

At the same time, the nuclear forces of the United States, Britain and France were on red alert on the morning of June 23. Their cybersecurity and electronic warfare equipment were ready for action. At the slightest sign of possible nuclear attack by Russia, it would be completely neutralized and de-energized by all those these means, and, as a result, not a single Russian missile with any warhead would launch. Remote strikes with high-precision weapons would be carried out across the entire territory of Russia.

Finally, at the moment of the recent maneuver of the Defender, the entire political leadership and military command of NATO was ready for any development of events, including military operations against Russia. The action on June 23 was developed in detail and thought out taking into account any of its consequences. Accordingly, all the above led to its successful completion.

4. The key to the success was the inclusion of the two below options in the operational plan of the mission.

A) As Putin and his clique are cowards, they would give in to effective force.

B) At the same time, the Kremlinites are drug addicts, mentally ill with the mentality of petty criminals. That mentality, combined with the pride of being number one international state terrorists in the world, could have led them to an attempt to use force. In that case, they would expose their technologically and morally obsolete army and navy against the immeasurable power of the Defender, as well as of the entire NATO, having a false hope for the remnants of the Soviet nuclear potential that had fallen into their hands.

5. As a result, the whole world witnessed option A. Thus, all the goals of the above mission were achieved and all its tasks completed.

The reconnaissance of the forces and means of Russia in the Black Sea Theater, as well as in the whole territory of Russian Federation, has been successfully carried out. That reconnaissance operation was supported by NASA satellite group and by the US and NATO strategic reconnaissance aircrafts.

Several representatives of the leading British media were sent aforehead on board the Defender. Thanks to them, as well as to the reports from British political leaders and Top Brass, the truth about what really happened on June 23 near Cape Fiolent was published. As a result, Russia appeared before the whole world as a mad-but militarily weak and cowardly aggressor. The reaction of smiles and frank laughter on behalf of high-ranking Western politicians and military elites is quite indicative. And in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom it sounded that Putin has looted his fleet to such an extent that he is now left with nothing but a bunch of rusty vessels.

In view of the above, a logical question is coming up: "So, what's next?". Next is the Sea Breeze 21.

Sea Breeze 21 is a multinational maritime exercise with a record number of participants from 32 countries. it will include a series of crossings similar to the one that has just been completed by the Defender. The crucial difference though lies in the fact that the Defender's crossing was undertaken by a single ship, whereas the coming crossings are to be completed by groups of similar vessels. Anyway, a start has been made. And the hysterical screech of one of Lavrov's deputies "we will bomb them", should be reproached by the psychiatric service of their country, which is unable to isolate and treat its

own citizens who are prone to suicide and mass sacrifice. However, no one is capable of anything over there anymore.

I agree with what my friend and colleague Dr. Andrew Andersen recently said: "Not every peace is better than war." I would add to his statement that is is especially true when a terrorist war (or a "hybrid war" if using contemporary slang) is presented as "peace". History has been repeating itself with all the recent aggressors, including but not limited to Adolf Hitler, Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. With Vladimir Putin, everything was put on hold due to the complications caused by the remnants of the Soviet Union's nuclear arsenal. Apparently though, the antidote has just been found.

International law, including maritime law, has been established by global elites that can boast fantastic capabilities and many thousands of years of experience of global control. These elites never forgive those who self-consciously encroach on their monopoly. In such cases, severe punishment is inevitable. On June 23, the punishment of Putin, his regime, and his country started.

Dura lex sed lex.

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