Dr. Jakub Krzemiński was born in 1960 in Russia in an ethnic Polish family with roots from Volhyn.


In 1983 he graduated from Smolensk State Medical Institute (Russia) and after that worked in Moscow.


In 1990 he successfully completed diplomatic training program with the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After that he worked in various countries of Europe and Middle East, including Israel, as a doctor, scientist, diplomat and security expert. In 1995-2001 he worked as a security expert in Ukraine.


Dr. Krzemiński is an author of 16 books published by Polish publishing house Ridero and one book ready for publication by Canadian publishing house Asteroid Publishing.


Currently, he continues his medical and scientific activities as well as research in the field of international security. His mother languages are Polish, Russian and Ukrainian. Dr. Jakub Krzemiński is fluent in English, German, Italian and Hebrew and also knows Latin, Greek and Aramaic.

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