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  • Jakub Krzemiński


Warsaw / June 21, 2021

In Henrik Sienkiewicz's famous historical novel “The Deluge” which describes the dramatic events of mid-17th-century that shook the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the traitor and adventurer Janusz Radziwill, who plotted to put Poland under the suzerainty of the King of Sweden in order to become his viceroy, cunningly convinces the simple-minded Polish knight Andrzej Kmicic that he, Janusz, is saving Poland through wise political games. All this, of course, ends in a war with the Swedes.

The writer's idea is as simple, as everything ingenious: all political games with an aggressor end only in a bloody war, and the one who leads such games, is labelled a liar and an accomplice of the aggressor. Nothing has changed since the 17th century. As it has been since 1939, when the Western democracies that nurtured Stalin and Hitler and encouraged their aggressive policies, had soon no other choice, but to fight in order to destroy at least one of their two “pets”. The remaining “pet” whose name was Joseph Stalin, was declared by them a winner, or, to be more specific, one of the winners (Stalin himself, by the way, considered that absolutely absurd).

Today, the same thing is happening with the heir to Stalin and Hitler, the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin who is often labelled an international terrorist and a war criminal. A few days ago, we were watching Joe Biden who is considered a US President, shaking the hand of the man whom he had called several days earlier…

Well… nowadays numerous "commentators" and "analysts" keep repeating the old mantras: “Everyone wants peace!” “Sanctions and diplomacy will help defeat totalitarian infection!”, etc., but one should not listen to them as most of them are both ignorant and deceitful.

A few days ago, another step towards the new war was taken in Geneva. Not the world war, of course, as Mr. Putin has no allies. The United States and NATO, and the whole once free world, which is more and more difficult to call free, will jointly destroy not only the Putin regime they have been nurturing for so long but also his entire country which has taken off all the masks and has clearly and openly presented itself as what it really is - an absolute and incorrigible evil. Biden's bleating that he "will see the results of Geneva in six months" is laughable, to put it mildly. Both he himself and everyone else will have to watch and witness the war. "Neither Putin nor I want a new cold war," mutters this puppet of the "shadow aristocracy". Alas, no matter whether someone wants it or not, we will all see a hot war as well as the global "chess players" and their wretched pieces, from kings and queens to the very last pawn.

Now someone might ask me why am I so sure that the war is imminent? Well, here are at least the following three reasons behind my confidence:

1. No totalitarian regime can be overthrown without a war. The examples of Pinochet, Salazar, and Franco are absolutely not applicable to Russia not only because the above three were not exactly totalitarian, but because Russia itself is the cradle of Eastern despotism, Western communism, and fascism. Biden's despicable "concern" for the health of Navalny in Russian jail and of Protasevich in Belarussian one, is just a pretext for a sinister farce. For both the owners of Biden and for Mr. Biden

himself, the above-mentioned persons are nothing more but expendable material, thrown into the furnace of political adventures instead of the commandos of the so-called "golden billion". Indeed, who would risk precious "gold" if there are ways to use those labelled "the second grade" in accordance with their origins, orientations and skin color (yes, yes, black life is valuable only in manipulative slogans), and further down the list.

2. At this moment, the Kremlin is occupied not just by drug dealers and by the former small-time henchmen of organized crime including but not limited to the accomplices of the Colombian drug cartel "Cali". The current rulers of Russia are also practicing drug addicts, as has been confirmed by a number of open data. Putin, Patrushev, Bortnikov, Shoigu and other members of the Kremlinite junta suffer from mental illnesses. Occultism and black magic are rampant in their circle. The occult temple also known as "theMain Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces" in Kubinka, the 20,000-seat military cemetery in Mytishchi, as well as the projected new building of the Central Armed Forces Museum - all amply confirm the information about the cult of Moloch and the intentions of the Kremlin's black magicians to transform the wars that they have already unleashed into one new big war.

3. The Soviet leadership, for all its aggressiveness and adventurism, was dominated by those who knew the horrors of war from their own experience. Therefore, for example, the Caribbean crisis of 1962 did not develop into the Third World War. As for the current inhabitants of the Kremlin, one can say that they are typical "rear rats" with the psychology of criminal thugs. In combination with drug addiction, occult obscurantism and mental pathologies, all the above can lead to nothing but war. This has become understood in NATO. Accordingly, the main doctrine of this organization has changed, NATO members are, finally, not reluctant to define Russia as an enemy state, and military preparations are underway. This seems to be a significant progress.

There is only one question left here: what are the analysts in Washington and Brussels thinking when they start such shameful performances as we had a chance to watch a few days ago in Geneva? A rhetorical question. The answer is straightforward and simple: they are not thinking anything at all because it is not their job to think. They are here just to vocalize what someone else is thinking instead of them. But who is that "someone"? A mysterious "Führer", or, maybe, even "Duce"? Well... there is sort of a "collective Duce" in this world that consists of some three hundred families known as the "shadow aristocracy".

If we get back to the novel "The Deluge", we can remember the episode when a group of Polish patriots storming into the castle of Janusz Radziwill discover his corpse. The traitor escaped punishment by passing away against the backdrop of a war-ravaged country. Won't we see the same thing in the near future? The only difference that may occur would be a way more extensive territory than that of “Good Old Poland” to serve as the backdrop for the new world drama.

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