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  • Rafał Barnaś, Jakub Krzemiński


Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Warsaw, August 24, 2020

In recent days, we have received extremely alarming data from the EU-Belarus border. Over the past three days, Alexander Lukashenko, who usurped power in that country, has taken actions that could lead to a war in the center of Europe. Referring to the delusional "threat of a NATO military invasion from Poland and Lithuania," he put the armed forces on full alert. On August 23, the aforementioned one threatened peaceful protesters with a Kalashnikov rifle. On the same day, a Belarusian Air Force helicopter invaded Lithuanian airspace under the pretext of ... obstructing the flight of balloons "with anti-state symbols".

In 1976, Alexander Lukashenko was diagnosed with a psychiatric mosaic psychopathy. This diagnosis was confirmed in 1982 in a hospital, when Lukashenka was fired from the army unfit for military service both in peacetime and in wartime. Today, the command of the armed forces of Belarus is in the hands of a mentally ill person.

This circumstance is the reason for the real threat of unleashing a war on the part of the mentally ill Lukashenka, who is losing control over the situation in the country. He's ready for domestic bloodshed and to the unleashing of a European armed conflict that can develop into a global one. Full combat readiness of the armed forces, the highest of the four levels of combat readiness, testifies to the most dire consequences of Lukashenka's stay in the role of commander-in-chief of a group of 45,000 military personnel.

In this situation, the command of the Lithuanian Army and the Polish Army, as well as of the joint NATO headquarters, are reduced to the following:

1. Air, electronic, cyber and space reconnaissance.

2. Reconnaissance on the ground by ground troops, special operations troops, border guard troops.

3. Formation of mobile rapid response teams in the amount of 8 people (reconnaissance), 18 people (ground warning), from 30 to 180 people (rapid response). 4. The task for unmanned aviation units and air defense forces is timely notification of provocative activity of ground and air targets.

5. The interaction of the headquarters and intelligence structures of NATO countries should lead to preventive actions that can prevent any military provocation of the Lukashenka regime.

Faced with the loss of control inside the country, the mentally handicapped Lukashenka is able to unleash both a civil war in Belarus and an external war in the hope of military assistance from the Putin regime. The latter understands this, as well as the low combat readiness of his own army, the grave international consequences, the backwardness of logistics and weapons. It is also possible that Lukashenka will be physically eliminated by the Russian secret services in connection with the above. This, however, will not make the situation any less insecure, since the Putin regime still poses a military threat.

Today, when Lukashenka does not meet the open disobedience of the military, the danger of an armed conflict on the eastern borders of the EU, provoked by him, remains high…

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