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  • Jakub Krzemiński


Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Warsaw / November 1, 2020

The low level of education of Putin and his officials, most of whom were petty criminals in the past, and are state terrorists in the present, is well-known. Accordingly, they are not able to foresee their unenviable future. However, none of the previous regimes of Russia, starting with the tsarist one, was able to foresee the consequences of their unwise actions.

On November 18, 1853, the whole of Russia celebrated the victory of Russian Imperial Navy under the command of Admiral Pavel Nakhimov over the Turkish fleet at the sea battle of Sinope. Everyone was cheering that, starting with the mobs and ending with the House of Romanov. And even the latter did not understand that the battle of Sinope was not the beginning of the Empire's conquest of the Black Sea Straits (he Bosporus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles), as the tsar had anticipated, but a real national catastrophe. On October 4, Turkey declared war on Russia, which was followed by a fatal blow to the Empire: the dispatch of the British and French fleets to the Black Sea region as well as the British and French naval operations against Russia at Baltic, Pacific and White Sea theatres. Turkey was backed by Great Britain, the Turkish navy was backed by British steam fleet against outdated Russian sailing one. And Russian Imperial Army, armed with old-style smoothbore guns and antediluvian artillery, had to face united British-French-Turkish-Sardinian army, armed with rifled shotguns and artillery pieces that fired projectiles instead of cores.

The Sinope adventure resulted in the Crimean war and the crushing defeat of Russia, which temporary lost Crimea (including the port of Sebastopol) and was denied the right to have a fleet and fortifications at the Black sea making her unable to protect her vulnerable southern frontier. Admiral Pavel Nakhimov was killed by a British (or, maybe, Turkish or French) bullet at one of Sevastopol’s bastions. His death was followed by the death of Emperor Nicholas I. After the defeat in the Crimean war Nicholas, reportedly, took poison (or perhaps the poison was given to him by obliging courtiers).

In March 2014, Putin's Russia celebrated the capture of Crimea with a great deal of noise, and no one cared about the attitude of neighbour Turkey and about the long-term consequences of that step worthy of Adolf Hitler. Western sanctions seem like minor annoyances next to what happened in 2020 in Syria, Libya, and Mountainous Karabakh, where, Russia's allies suffered (and are still suffering) crushing defeats at the hands of the Turkish army. In fact, it is Russia herself who is being defeated, because her weapons are technologically backward, her military tactics, strategy, and logistics are ineffective, and her top management is incompetent and short-sighted, to put it mildly.

History seems to repeat itself but in a much worse version than in the middle of the 19th century. Turkey looms over South Caucasus, as well as over all the territories of Russian Federation where the Turkic peoples live. This looks like a real precursor for the collapse of Russia in its current form. The architecture of the world is changing radically, and this is not in favor of Russia. Russia opened a Pandora's box by the Anschluss of Crimea. President of Ukraine Zelensky visited Ankara and London, from where he returned with a package of agreements on the supply of weapons and military cooperation. The Kremlin's "strategists" did not even think about the Crimean Tatar factor, not to mention that they ignored the Turkish factor as well. Most likely, that will cost the Kremlinites dearly.

It is common knowledge that Russia is behind almost all the wars of our time. They bomb Syria, provide weapons to Armenia, concentrate troops at the border with Azerbaijan, untie Armenia's hands for military operations in Mountainous Karabakh, etc... Azerbaijani cities are being shelled by Russian missiles, which have already killed a 13-year-old Russian citizen. Russia is also behind the bloody state terror in Belarus.

Putin's regime can only distort history without knowing it at all. And, eventually, Russia will have to pay the most expensive price for all this.

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