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Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Warsaw / July 14, 2021

Bad news have been recently coming from Canada, or, to be more specific, from Western Canada including but not limited to the city of Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba and other places.

On July 2, 2021, Victoria saw barbarous destruction of the statue of Captain James Cook. This happened as a result of mass riots of local aboriginal lumpen. Same day the statues of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II were destroyed in Winnipeg (Manitoba) just a few steps from the legislature building. Two days later, an Aboriginal totem pole was set on fire in Metchosin, near Victoria. And across the whole country 20 Catholic churches were burned down.

A few words about what ignited all the riots:

In mid-june, 2021, some 160 undocumented and unmarked graves have been "accidentally" discovered near a former residential school on Canada’s west coast. As no official investigation was performed, it is still unclear whose were those graves. E.g., there was an opinion that those were just the graves of an abandoned and forgotten Catholic cemetery. Nevertheless, mainstream Canadian Media immediately started actively propagating the idea that those graves had been the graves of indigenous children who reportedly died as a result of the policy of forced-assimilation as well as due to the squalid health conditions and cruelty of the school administration. For those who do not know the related segment of Canadian history, We could specify that within the past 150 years, the residential schools for the aboriginal kids were sponsored by the Government of Canada and managed by Roman Catholic church.

Getting back to the recent events. it is well known that native rabble was incited to pogroms and riots by a group of white "activists" including one white professor who gave up Judaism in favor of atheism. This is the medium level of the organizers, screenwriters and directors of the most dangerous riots. The highest level is also well known, and so are the goals and technologies of this kind sabotage.

So, what are the organizers and what are their goals and methods?

1. As of today, various minorities (including ethnic, racial, LGBT and other ones), as well as marginal strata of Canadian society, are being mobilized and incited to wage a war against Western, Christian civilization, which has been based on freedom. In order to facilitate that, minorities are given the green light for any outrages and even crimes. Thus, Police in Victoria, Winnipeg and other places where riots were happening, received an order from their superiors to protect the rioters and detain those who would attempt to prevent the acts of vandalism and pogroms. And it is quite logical, keeping in mind the neo-Bolshevik nature of the Trudeau government. Suffice it to say that 4 days ago, during his visit to BC, Justin Trudeau refused to label the burning of churches, including the indigenous ones, as hate crime even after being asked directly by a reporter.

2. The sponsors of all those riots and pogroms are those who belong to what is known as the "shadow aristocracy". This group of people is planning a geopolitical reformatting of the world which, in turn, requires wars, as it has always been in history. And various marginal lumpen strata of the society together with sexual perverts, with some representatives of the so-called "People for Colour" and “Every Child Matters”, with some Afro-Canadians, as well as some members of Aboriginal bands, were chosen to serve as the "cannon fodder" for such wars. And it goes without saying that all those who pretend to "fight for the minorities", are fighting for them only in words, as their mentality is purely totalitarian. Good news though is that despite of all well-paid propaganda efforts, a significant number of Indigenous Canadians (AKA Aboriginal people or Indians) are smart enough to understand that they are being used as pawns in the games that have nothing to do with their rights and with their history. The above statement has been all amply proven by the fact that a few days ago, the leaders of several First Nations (i.e., of several Aboriginal tribes) called for end of violence and vandalism in British Columbia and in Western Canada, in general. Leaders of the above tribes signed a joint letter calling for an end to vandalism and denouncing the destruction of the statue of Captain Cook in Victoria as well as burning of Catholic churches all over the country.

3. The task of de-legitimization of Canada as a sovereign state, as well as the task of humiliating, marginalizing of the people of European background (or the people belonging to the "white race") has also been set "from above". All the people of European background are nowadays being labelled as "white supremacists" and "racists" (indeed, all nations and races had dark pages in their history, and the "First Nations" are not an exception, as they also practiced slavery and mass murders in their past).

Another task, by the way, has been aimed at sharp reducing the number of the population of European background in the near future through active propaganda of semi sex marriages and of giving up reproduction under the pretext that "our planet needs a break".

Some people in Canada are already concerned that in the near future the lumpen, incited by provocateurs, like a certain professor, can start attacking not only the churches but also the homes of ordinary citizens with the aim of pogroms and murders. However, the majority of the citizens have no great desire to resist either: that could be a result of the introduction of mass drug addiction in North America in the 60s-70s of the last century. There is an opinion that the above program of putting young and not so young people on drugs has not only severely damaged their physical health but also turned many of them into a cowardly, submissive and indifferent herd. Some other groups of population also riddled with drug addiction - but in their case, it causes the increase of aggression.

By the way, on the site of the destroyed monument to Captain Cook, a plywood circle was placed with a number of red women's dresses on it. Such red dresses have been hanged on the trees in the parks and elsewhere all over Canada to symbolize "mass killings of Aboriginal women by European colonizers". Thus, the barbaric action has been presented as an anti-colonization demonstration. In fact, this is used to attract more antisocial and antisocial elements to mass riots but the true goals and objectives have already been described above.

It should be remembered that no one can retroactively change the history of mankind. Therefore, the "struggle against colonialism" centuries after that colonialism had taken place, can and will lead not to the achievement of universal justice, but to a national catastrophe.

5. It is hard if not impossible not to disagree with some experts who believe that the pogroms in Western Canada have been carried out according to the same scenario that was implemented in the late 1980s and early 1990s during the disintegration of the USSR, especially in Georgia's breakaway province of Abkhazia, where the Apsua lumpen were provoked and used almost the same way as some minority lumpen are being provoked and used in North America.

As a result of the Abkhazian adventure, the Apsua people got no freedom and their land was occupied by the troops of a foreign power (by Russian troops, to be more specific). One can only guess how gloomy could be the unambiguous results of the arson of an Aboriginal as well as of mass arson attacks on Christian churches in Canada and around the world.

6. It is also hard if not impossible not to recall the Chinese "cultural revolution" of 1965-1968. Those days, Mao Zedong used the Red Guards and Jiaofan - thoughtless student youth and lumpen sector of the working class for outrages and pogroms. After those people had been used, most of them found their end in the" re-education camps" - the very ones in which their victims were destroyed. Exactly the same fate awaits the rabble that is performing mass riots and acts of vandalism and violence in North America, as well as their "colleagues" from LGBT movement. Those of them who will survive in bloody riots and wars, from civil to world ones, will eventually find themselves in prisons and camps.

The same end awaits their provocateurs, including some provocateur-politicians, provocateur-journalists and provocateur-professors whose intelligence often does not correspond to their degrees. It's a pity, of course, as otherwise they would have thought hard about what they are doing now. For "they don't know what they are doing”.

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