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  • Jakub Krzemiński


Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Jakub Krzemiński

Warsaw / November 30, 2020

In many previous articles, we kept warning our readers against the danger of an armed conflict in the center of Europe being unleashed by the regime of Alexander Lukashenka in order to preserve itself. Nevertheless, both the top political leadership of the EU, the United States, as well as NATO command remained blind and deaf to the genocide of Belarusians and military provocations organized by Lukashenka and his Kremlin masters. The so-called EU sanctions against Lukashenka's Belarus were worth of the saying "the mountain gave birth to a mouse". All of the western leadership’s short-sightedly believed that what is happening in small Belarus cannot not affect their own security, and the fascist terror in Belarus would affect only its unhappy people. We have to be amazed at how geopolitically illiterate are those who claim to be western statesmen. Or, to be more exact, who pretend to be so, while the reason for that pretense is going to be addressed below.

What was the result of the fruitless chatter of Western leaders about the fascist terror in Belarus, where citizens are kidnapped and killed in their own yards, like Roman Bondarenko?

"I would like to say that if someone wants to fire a shot in this region, we will certainly find something to respond to the initiators of such steps. And then it will be hot around Belarus. This includes the question of theexpediency and prospects of our cooperation with the EU on nuclear energy issues, on the common fight against illegal immigration, cross-border crime, drug smuggling, and so on and so forth."

The other day, the above statement came from the mouth of Vladimir Makei, the so-called "Foreign Minister" of Lukashenka regime. That statement is nothing more than a threat to Europe and the world to cause a nuclear catastrophe similar to the Chernobyl one. This is also a threat to cover Europe with a wave of drugs, which is looming in the most real way, since the Lukashenka regime, together with the Putin regime of Russia, controls one of the most powerful channels of drug trafficking in the world. Note that the above nuclear and drug blackmail followed immediately n response to the meager and ridiculous "sanctions" of the fading West against the Lukashenka regime. A brilliant result of "Western diplomacy"!

Thus, a fundamentally new situation has been created, for both the West and for the main and only ally of the terrorist regime of Lukashenka, the Kremlin:

1. We all know quite well from history about the blindness and deafness of the West to the tragedies of small countries and peoples. Just remember the fate of Poland and Finland in 1939. However, both vision and hearing tend to come back to Western politicians when it comes to their own security, just like that happened during the Nazi

bombing of London in 1940 and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The threats voiced by Makei are more than unambiguous: a second Chernobyl and a drug war with the prospect of an armed conflict at Belarusian borders with Poland and Lithuania. That's what he called "the fire in the region". The lack of reaction to this is hardly possible even for the inert and cowardly EU, as well as for "the wedding part" of the NATO generals.

2. Self-explanatory, "the fire in the region" would include he involvement of Russia into a such a global conflict. A couple of months ago, the Kremlin would have been happy at the prospect. Nowadays, however, after the Karabakh disgrace and in view of raging Coronavirus and the near-term transfer of power from the decrepit and sick Putin, the growing anarchy in the country, low combat capability of its army and navy to engage in military adventures, mean for Putin's Russia inevitable defeat and collapse. The recent entry of the USS John McCain into Peter the Great Bay near Vladivostok, as well as the recent destruction in Syria of an entire anti-aircraft regiment armed with the latest Russian missiles by the Israeli air force, caused a real panic in Moscow. And against such a background, one Mr. Makei threatens a "fire" in Central Europe? In view of the above, Lukashenka is nowadays transforming from just a ballast for the Kremlin into a direct threat to Russia's existence. Accordingly, the only way out for the Kremlin is something like a cup of tea with polonium or Novichok, since the overthrow of the dictator by the people of Belarus is a nightmare for the Kremlinites.

In such a situation, we can only guess who is going to offer such a cup of tea to Lukashenka - his friends from Moscow or his enemies from Brussels. However, we are not sure whether Belarusian dictator can boast having the above enemies.

Meanwhile, René Fasel, the President of the International Ice Hockey Federation is pondering whether to hold the World Cup in Minsk, where citizens are being tortured and killed in their own backyards. Not surprisingly, personal friendship with the dictator and the multimillion bribes received from him - not in Belarusian Roubles but in the US Dollars - seem to be quite binding. The same refers to the German businessmen who are being invariably sponsored by the Kremlin's terrorist regime, not to mention other corrupt officials in the West, whose venality no longer borders on, but is nothing more but a state crime and high treason.

The prospect of a new Chernobyl, drug chaos, and world war coming from the dictatorial regime of Lukashenka is the result of the activities of the terrorist international, to which not only the Kremlin belongs, but also its very expensive Western agents. However, the moment of truth has come! The only honest person, pastor, and leader in the region seems to be Archbishop Swiatoslav Login, the head of Belarusian Orthodox Autocephalous Church, who excommunicated Lukashenka and imposed anathema on him. Now let us see how the terrorist international, its active members and its cowardly and short-sighted accomplices are going to behave.

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