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  • Jakub Krzemiński

The Pigeons of War and Their Pigeon Breeders

Warsaw / May 24, 2021

In the above photo, the leader of the terrorist organization Hamas Ismail Haniyeh (right) and Bulgarian citizen Miroslav Zafirov (left) are shaking each other's hands. Both look extremely happy to the extent of being ready to hug each other. Haniyeh's joy is dictated by the victory of his terrorist gang, whereas Zafirov's joy is in the success of his subversive mission, which the language does not dare to call "diplomatic" - a collusion about the "truce", which, in fact, means just another wave of terror and warfare in the Middle East. Thus, in this photo, we see a terrorist and one of his lower-level accomplices.

Indeed, the "truce" that came into effect on May 21 at 02:00 am Mid-East time, means another victory of the Hamas terrorists over Israel and the entire free world. There have been countless such "truces" concluded since the summer of 2006 with Hezbollah terrorists after the second Lebanon campaign. Each of them provided an opportunity for the terrorists to recover from the retaliatory strikes of the Israeli army and to further increase both their might and means. From "truce" to "truce", the terrorists have been only getting stronger. Earlier, they were able to fire missiles at the south of Israel from Gaza and the north of it from Lebanon and Syria. As of today, all of Israel is under fire, from Metula to the Negev. At the same time, in Israeli cities, an Arab revolt is raging, marked by rampant terror unprecedented, and one can only guess what is going to happen tomorrow.

A few days ago, a colleague and friend of mine, Andreas Andersen, asked me a question whether Israel Defense Forces are capable of destroying both Hamas and its entire terrorist arsenal. Of course, IDF can do that. Moreover, it can do that repeatedly. However, Israel Defense Forces were not allowed to finish Hamas and will never be allowed to do so by the Israeli leadership which, in turn, is under severe external pressure.

Now, let us look into some details that may confirm the above statement.

1. The Israeli leadership, starting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is deeply mired in corruption and internecine squabbles. This also applies to the previous administrations of Israel. All of them have been both unable and unwilling to develop even a semblance of a strategy against Gaza and the terrorists that have entrenched there. In the face of the frenzied pressure from certain external forces, the Israeli leadership is open to the most shameful collusions. At the same time, they make helpless and pathetic excuses.

Here is just one of the examples of such "justifications":

Boaz Golan, a journalist and founder of the website, citing his sources, reported that at one of the meetings of the military-political cabinet of Israel, representatives of the Israeli security services reported that, according to intelligence, there are still some 10 thousand missiles remaining in the Gaza Strip, most of which are kept in the homes of local residents. Accordingly, if the IDF attempts to destroy the Hamas missile arsenal, it will lead to thousands of civilian casualties. After having heard this, the Chief of the General Staff, the head of the Mossad and the head of the National Security Council unanimously recommended that the cabinet members stop the operation, since the major goal of Operation Guardian of the Wall has been achieved, and the military infrastructure of Hamas has been seriously damaged.

In fact, that means that if terrorists fire missiles at Israel from the homes of local residents, they must be provided with all the opportunities for continued terrorist attacks, as Israel must protect the Arab residents who have provided their private homes to the terrorists, Self-explanatory, the remaining 10,000 missiles are still going to be fired at Israeli civilians. We just need to wait a little for that to happen.

Here a few rhetorical questions arise:

a) If certain residents of Gaza or any other town provide their homes to the terrorists who are firing missiles at Israel, is it fair to consider them civilians?

b) If certain actions of the Israeli leadership lead to the preservation of the terrorist arsenal with an unambiguous prospect of strengthening it and of using it for mass murder of Israeli civilians, can we call such actions "peacekeeping" and "diplomacy"??

2. Here we are coming to the main point: there are certain external forces behind the current collusion, as well as behind all the previous ones. It is also quite clear that he main goal of those forces is to preserve one of the most dangerous hotbeds of war on the planet. If there is a need for global destabilization, this hotbed can be activated, as it was, for example, on May 10 of this year. The underinformed people tend to believe that those forces include the US administration, the governments of Europe, of Arab countries, and of some other states. However, that is not true as all the above structures are nothing more but just tools in the hands of certain forces way more powerful than any national government. The forces that are hiding behind such manipulative terms as "conspiracy theories".

Who are those forces? Well, reportedly there are about three hundred families in the world that call themselves the "black aristocracy", because their origins are both very ancient and very noble. And they have been reportedly ruling the globe for thousands of years.

Next to them any president of any country looks like a pitiful beggar, an errand boy, an executor of the will of the true masters... Accordingly, most national governments under such

meaningless labels as "independence", "sovereignty" and "democracy", are nothing more than local offices serving the needs of real masters. And all sorts of "diplomats" like Bulgarian Miroslav Zafirov and his UN boss, Norwegian Thor Venesland - are something like pizza delivery couriers.

The current collusion with Hamas is, certainly, the will of the real masters of the world, as is the preservation of the Middle East hotbed of war on this planet. They have no interest in the peaceful life of nations. Their passion is playing geo-political "chess parties" where they enjoy absolute monopoly, and anyone who dares to encroach on this monopoly will pay a heavy price. This, however, is a topic for a series of further articles.

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