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  • Rafał Barnaś, Jakub Krzemiński


Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Warsaw / September 9, 2020

On September 6, the whole world witnessed the demonstration of open terror of the Lukashenka regime against the people of Belarus. All the signs of state terrorism are evident. New crimes against humanity are being committed that do not have a statute of limitations ands fall under international jurisdiction, as they cannot anymore be considered an internal affair of Belarus due to the evident signs of genocide.

The special danger of these crimes of the Lukashenka regime is that the terrorist attacks of this regime on the citizens of Belarus are a prologue to an external terrorist war, which is nowadays called “hybrid” for the sake of misleading public opinion. The real name of this kind of war is the terrorist war. A historical example of such a warfare was the attack of Hitler's saboteurs under the command of Otto Skorzeny, dressed in Polish military uniform, on radio station in the town of Gleiwitz (now Gliwice) on August 31, 1939 (Operation Canned). Another historical example was the artillery shelling of their own positions by the Red Army near the Soviet-Finnish border in November 1939. Both examples make it that terrorist warfare is a long-standing means of fuelling a major war by dictatorial regimes.

The signs of such a terrorist war of the Lukashenka regime against the people of Belarus are as follows:

1. Hundreds of rioters in civilian clothes with closed faces, armed with truncheons and gas cans, are operating all over Belarus, starting from Minsk. They have been organized in groups under clear command. The thugs beat and kidnap people, break down the doors to private property. The groups are under the command of high-ranking police and KGB officials who are personally involved in acts of terror. In 2014, such thugs known as titushki acted in the same way in Ukraine. This resulted in numerous victims in Kiev, the seizure of the Crimea by Russia, and in the bloody war that continues to this day in the Donbass.

2. There are mass abductions of people going on in Belarus. Some of them disappeared without a trace, others were brutally murdered. Both famous people and ordinary citizens are being kidnapped in broad daylight in front of many witnesses. Two days ago, Maria Kolesnikova (one of the leaders of anti-Lukashenko protesters) was abducted in a crowded place in the center of Minsk, and her whereabouts are still unknown.

3. There is a massive campaign of open threats and intimidation. Anyone objectionable to the regime of Lukashenka is ousted from the country in view of the threats to kill him/her and his/her family. This was the case with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the de facto elected president of Belarus.

4. Terrorism in Belarus is state-owned, since the state authorities, which have finally degenerated into dictatorial bandit formations, openly support terrorist acts against the citizens of Belarus.

5. There is no doubt that the main source and sponsor of the state terrorism regime in Belarus is the state terrorism regime of Russia. Recently, a resident of St. Petersburg was identified among disguised terrorists, who have been beating people on the streets of Minsk. The terrorist actions on the part of the Belarusian militia and the KGB clearly show the "style and handwriting" of Russia.

6. On September 10, a Russian military contingent is expected to arrive in Belarus "in order to participate in military drills" near Brest right at the border with Poland.

7. During the coming Lukashenka's trip to Moscow, a set of documents is planned to be signed that will provide the basis for the actual incorporation of Belarus into Russia and for the creation of additional Russian military bases in that country. These documents will not have legal force. However, they can serve as a pretext for both the escalation of violence in Belarus and for the escalation tensions at its borders.

The reality is that the Nazi-type dictatorial regime of Lukashenka responds to the peacefulness of Belarusians with enjoying the direct support of the similar regime of Putin. Thus, the terrorist and military threat posed by the Lukashenka and Putin regimes cannot be eliminated peacefully. All "calls for a dialogue" are scorned and ignored by these regimes. Accordingly, if in the very near future the NATO structures and the governments of the leading Western powers do not take the toughest political, economic and military measures against these two regimes, the consequences will likely be catastrophic: the genocide of the Belarusian people and a war in the European theater with the prospect of degenerating into a new world war.

To realize that, it is enough to recall the dynamics of recent events in Ukraine, from the use of the so called titushki to the military intervention of the Putin regime.

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