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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Warsaw / November 11, 2020

Three days ago, the Azerbaijani army entered the town of Shusha in Karabakh. That day saw celebrations in the streets of Baku and tears in the eyes of a former singer and now the Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia, a native of Shusha.

The same day saw the "March of democracy" in Minsk, which turned into another bloody massacre committed by the Tonton Macoutes of dictator Lukashenko. A handful of peaceful protesters against the hordes of bandits in black, green, and civilian clothes, their faces covered with black masks. A dismal sight!

The same day also saw Biden being declared by the mainstream media a "winner" of the US presidential election together with his "Vice President", a dark personality who, according to the General belief, is to become the de facto President behind the back of an exhausted senile Joe suffering from Alzheimer's disease. This" victory " was provided by the inhabitants of the cemeteries, who were resurrected specifically to send mail ballots for their beloved grandfather Joe and his very dark horse Kamala. Those bulletins were brought by a Chinese ship... Oh, what a mystique! And if we put the mysticism aside, we can clearly see the complete collapse of the electoral systems both in the United States and around the world. These systems turned out to be naked kings.

I am not an ardent supporter (to put it mildly) of the system of government in a country where the President is the son of the former KGB chief, and the first Deputy Prime Minister is the president's own wife. I am not a Shia Muslim, but a Roman Catholic. However, in the center of Baku one can find an impressive new Catholic Cathedral with a large statue of Virgin Mary in front of it. And no one is even trying to ruin it. And among the cheering crowds in the streets of Baku, not a single woman is wearing a niqab or hijab, despite the fact that everyone is happy that the call to the Muslim prayer "azan" will be heard in Shusha again.

So who is the true ally here? Turkey for the exultant Azerbaijanis or Europe for the tortured Belarusians?

And what isa waiting our Europe and the entire Western world with those senile people in Brussels and dark horses in Washington?

isn't it time to depose the "naked king" under the false titles of "democracy" and"electoral system" - the concepts that have just passed away in peace in the United States regardless of anyfurther events? To those who are in a big hurry to attribute to me the disbelief in the omnipotence of democracy I can only say: "Too late! It has died and will never rise again, like Biden's voters, who have rotted in their own graves.

The answers to all the 3 questions that posed themselves 3 days ago, are not easy and require serious military and political analysis.

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