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  • Jakub Krzemiński


Warsaw / July 4, 2021

In the near future Angela Merkel is going to leave the post of Federal Chancellor of Germany. Contrary to the claims of ignorant people and of outright manipulators, her 16-year tеnure proved fatal for both Germany and the entire free world. Suffice it to say that it was Merkel who played the first role in the energy enslavement of Europe, and it was she who furiously resisted the idea of participation of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP), thus actually encouraging Russia's military aggression against those two countries. And that is only the top of the iceberg...

In this article, we will give a few touches to the portrait of Angela Merkel. These touches are seen as necessary for a true understanding of the roots of her political activity, a number of points of which can rightfully be called subversive in relation to the values of the free world and European security.

1. Merkel, in all respects, is a typical product of the vanished state (although, so far, vanished only visually from the world map...), which in West Germany was known the "Eastern zone". Officially, though, that crotch dropping of the Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam agreements was called the "German Democratic Republic", or DDR.

Indeed, the infamous DDR was a very specific state formation, in which the servility of the Kremlin's protectorate was combined with persistent mantra "We belong to Europe". Following that trend, the prefix "euro" could be found on a variety of East German industrial products. E.g., Yours Truly once could boast having a DDR-made watch called "Eurochron" (its name can be loosely translated as "European time"). The same applied to the upper crust of East German society, which kept giving its Moscow master the "European" finger behind its back. These "gentlemen-comrades" had something in common with Belarusian dictator Lukashenko, typical Eastern tyrant seeking the benefits of the European West, but exclusively for himself and his loyal gang.

2. Contrary to the claims of Soviet propaganda, neo-Nazism and the traditions of the Third Reich were typical not of not West -, but rather of East Germany. That was manifested in everything, starting with the uniforms of the "German People's Army", almost exact copying that of the Wehrmacht, and with the infamous Stasi, the heiress of the SS and the RSHA, and ending with everyday manifestations of chauvinism against the background of hypocritical slogans of "proletarian internationalism", as well as in the repressions against the country's own citizens. All this is quite logical, given the fundamental commonality between the ideologies of Hitler's National Socialism and of the Kremlin-dominated "Eastern bloc".

On April 20 of each year, the Soviet troops stationed in East Germany were not allowed to go on leave, unless they were ready to get out of their barracks in large groups and with weapons. It remained so up until the withdrawal of the Soviet contingent from Germany in 1994. All thgose precautions were applied in connection with the annual "Day of Revenge" on Hitler's birthday, which cost the lives of many officers and soldiers of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany (GSFG). On one of such days, "the avengers" managed to infiltrate a Soviet military hospital and murdered several patients and staff members with a knitting needle stuck in the ear.

In West Germany there was no such "Day of Revenge" at all, most likely because there were no Soviet troops stationed there. And, for some reason, West Germans were unwilling to take revenge on the American and British military, not to me ntion that the Fuhrer's birthday was simply ignored there. In any case, West Germany saw no excesses even distantly reminding of those that were taking place in the "Eastern zone".

Getting back to Angela Merkel it would hardly be an exaggeration to say that she combines the two features that were typical of the "Eastern zone": the declarative demonstration of "belonging to Europe" and, at the same time, commitment to the totalitarian system of the so-called "socialism", including its variant with the prefix "national". As we noted earlier, Merkel has been a long-standing Stasi project, which was personally supervised by its chief Markus ("Misha") Wolf. Being aware of the close friendship between "Misha" Wolf and KGB chief Yuri Andropov, it is easy to imagine the sympathies and connections of Wolf's ward, comrade Merkel.

Therefore, Merkel's open complicity with Putin's chekist regime cannot be surprising. The real reasons and roots of Merkel's frenzied attacks on Poland with false accusations of "suppressing democracy", are also becoming quite clear and understandable. In fact, Merkel's behavior lies in the plane of September 1 and 17, 1939. All that is well understood in Poland (and not only there). That's why it is not without a reason that many people refer to Merkel as "Frau Ribbentrop", and actually, "Frau Molotov" could also be quite appropriate.

The totalitarian influence of the former DDR and its forerunner known as the Third Reich, combined with Moscow-style tyranny, amply explains Merkel's openly dictatorial behavior in the EU, her open contempt for the so called "New Europe" (East European nations) and her maniacal desire to make the European Union a vassal of Germany. This is a typical Hitlerite model of "united Europe" under the infamous motto of "Deutschland über alles". This is what Merkel brought with her from the neo-Nazi pro-Moscow DDR.

And here is another important point: the truth is that every German federal government is nothing more than an occupation administration subordinate to the victorious allies in the Second World War. Accordingly, each newly elected (or, rather, appointed) Federal Chancellor of Germany has to go to London in order to secretly sign a commitment that his future government is going to be under full control of the winning countries, especially in the security sphere. Self-explanatory, Angela Merkel had to sign such a commitment as well, and in the light of that, the scandal provoked by her in regards with the wiretapping of her telephone conversations by the secret services of Britain and the United States looks completely absurd. However, that was, definitely, an attempt to stop being an occupation administration and to make Germany an independent geopolitical player for the first time since at least May, 1945. It could also be connected with possible Merkel's hope for the recreation of the "new old" Moscow-Berlin Axis. That hope was also shared by an ideal agent of the Kremlin's influence in Germany and Europe whose name is Gerhard Schroeder. However, as of today, these hopes have crumbled to dust for some well-known reasons.

The fact that a Stasi agent found herself in the highest state post in Germany is by no means a sensation. Suffice it to recall that the Secretariat of Chancellor Willy Brandt was once headed by none other than Günter Guillaume who was later unmasked as a Stasi agent. And this is also not a sensation, and neither is it an exception. After the unification of Germany, lustration there was very conditional and selective. German chauvinism in its new design gets well along with the hypocritical calls for "tolerance", "multiculturalism" and other "parades of equality " under rainbow flags. In the very same way actual

neo-Nazism, chauvinism and totalitarianism were quite successfully combined in the DDR with the so-called "proletarian internationalism". Nihil novo...

Throughout their dramatic history, Russia and Germany were two "sworn friends" who often acted as the "gendarmes of Europe" if not of the world. Sometimes they were also fighting against each other for life and death. In the case of Angela Merkel, whose 16-year rule, thank God, is almost a thing of the past, with all its dualism, split personality and fully manifested schizophrenia.

It is quite necessary that the old Stasi agent is replaced by a person of a new formation in the capacity of Federal Chancellor of Germany. By a person that would be at least one iota closer to the traditional Christian European values that are real Western values. For in the case of Angela Merkel, the name "Christian Democratic Party" sounds like a rude and cynical mockery of both the concepts of Christianity and democracy. After all, neither one nor the other was in honor in the infamous "Eastern zone".

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