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  • Jakub Krzemiński


Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Warsaw / June 27, 2021

On June 25, a noisy scandal took place at the EU summit. Merkel and Macron made a provocative statement about inviting Vladimir Putin to participate in the meeting of the European leaders. This proposal was met with almost unanimous protest and rejection by the summit participants. The provocation did not succeed, the trick of Merkel and Macron failed and faced condemnation.

It is unnecessary to speculate on the reasons for this provocation. It should only be noted here that it took place right after the military operation of the Royal Navy of Great Britain known as the passage of the destroyer Defender along the internationally recognized sea corridor in the Black Sea. The operation ended with the success of Great Britain and NATO and a complete fiasco and shame of Russia. And right after that the Troyan horses in the European Union gave their voces.

Indeed, both Merkel and Macron are Troyan horses in the European Union - a loose and weak formation which certain forces are now trying to transform into something more serious by the Anglo-Saxon hands. However, the above two Troyan horses have been bred in two different stables.

As for Angela Merkel, it would hardly be an exaggeration to say that she is a project and an agent of the Stasi, a personal creation of Stasi chief Markus (Mischa) Wolf. Mr. Wolf managed to turn this loyal young Communist and a member of the "Union of Free German Youth" into quite an effective and faithful tool of the Stasi and the KGB. A separate topic would be how this young Communist league member managed to become Federal Chancellor of Germany but we will address it in our next publications.

As for Macron, everything looks much easier. He is a project of those who are the curators of the Rothschild family, often defined as the shadow aristocracy. While still a college student, he came into view of some powerful communities and was placed in the hands of their personal curator in the person of his school teacher Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux, who later became Brigitte Marie-Claude Macron. Later he went through the training at the Rotschild&Cie Banque, and just before that, ha had been a personal disciple of the notorious Jacques Attali.

As of today, the two Troyan horses are neighing in unison. They are craving for Putin, who is often labelled the number one international terrorist and the sworn enemy of the EU. This is quite logical. Both the Stasi, which nurtured Merkel, and the Rothschild nurseries, which raised Macron, once carried out the same instructions of some "geopolitical chess players" from among the dark aristocracy. However, times have changed, and so have the instructions.

According to the new guidelines, Russia and China are to be excluded from the list of superpowers. Russia is to become subject to disintegration, while China is supposed to return gradually to the days of hunting for sparrows and other charms of the "big leap". And the two Troyan horses seem to be a bit behind the times, especially Angela Merkel, who is stuck in the last century and is quite nostalgic for the times of "the blessed DDR" and her unforgettable boss and teacher Markus Wolf.

As for the other leaders of the EU countries, the most adequate of them are the leaders of Poland, the Baltic states and other countries of the former Eastern Block, who personally went through the "charms" of the Russian occupation. But even they would have been forced to echo the neighing of two Troyan horses - if not for the new instructions coming from the supranational supreme bosses.

This is the real reason for the Troyan horses' blatant fiasco at the EU summit, as well as anywhere else. The moral is simple: even the Troyan horses are just horses, while the roots and reasons for their neighing should be sought from their grooms. Such a "conspiracy theory" - the term created by the same grooms.

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