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  • Jakub Krzemiński

Joe Biden: “Yes, I do!” (a small comment from the audience)

Warsaw / March 23, 2021

Joe Biden's two-word answer to the question asked by Stephanopoulos, makes you wonder what, for some reason, is missing from the millions of comments that have been crashing down like a tsunami since March 17.

Any police officer, FBI agent, or forensic psychiatrist who has ever dealt with serial killers will tell you that one of the main features of such killers is the craving for dominance over their victims, even over the dead ones. This explains, among other things, the habit of storaging dismembered corpses of victims in secret vaults that is often demonstrated by serial killers.

This is exactly what we can observe in the case of Vladimir Putin. The list of his victims includes both Russian and non-Russian subjects. Inside Russia, Putin and other serial killers associated with him, including but not limited to Patrushev, Bastrykin and others, are trying to strangle the society, as a whole, and its individual members with all their melting forces. In fact, Mr. Putin enjoys possession of a dead country in the same way that similar serial killers enjoy possession of the corpses of their dismembered victims. One of such victims, Navalny (who is still alive), is kept by Putin in one of the most nightmarish Russian prisons. On the other hand, the Kremlinite regime keeps committing monstrous war crimes in Ukraine and Syria, aimed at achieving full dominating over these countries. Syria lies in ruins, and soaks in blood of hundreds of thousands of victims, to the cannibalistic satisfaction of Russian dictator. In Belarus, it is not only the economy that is in agony, but also the statehood itself, not to mention many victims, killed or repressed, while Putin seeks to dominate it through another sociopath and murderer whose last name is Lukashenko. Putin's threats to unleash a large-scale war with Ukraine and with the Baltic states only confirm his preferences. Another example is Russian aggression against Georgia on 08.08.2008, caused by the fear of losing just such a dominance over that small country that was getting out of Russian sphere of influence, just like a victim of a serial killer and torturer trying to escape from his dungeon. In the above context, one can also remember a series of terrorist attacks, starting with the explosion of the Polish president's plane over Smolensk on 10.04.2010.

What could it mean when someone known as the president of the strongest nation in the world officially calls a formal head of another country a "murderer"? Well, most likely it signals that the country whose leader was labelled like that, got the status of a terrorist state. Same way like it was with the states ruled by Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic and Muammar Gaddafi.

There is also another fact that should not be overlooked here as well. The fact that Mr. Putin did not come to Russia from another planet or even from another country. He is an organic part of his nation, and for many years his support among the Russian people has been extremely high. It started fading only now, when Putin clearly seems to be ill and insane. The conclusion is inevitable: the serial killer syndrome is not alien for the majority of the Russian subjects, who so far have been steadily supporting that war criminal in his bloody atrocities.

Neither should we forget that the leadership of Russian Federation has been committing crimes and atrocities with the connivance or direct support of such western politicians as John Kerry and Angela Merkel, of western mafia-type criminals like Silvio Berlusconi and Nicolas Sarkozy, who has recently been convicted by the court of his own country, as well as of many other puppets of transnational forces occupying the chairs of ministers and even heads of state. The story of Hitler, who had been "pampered and foddered" by those forces until he got out of control and started threatening them and their geo-political plans. As soon as "the pet" forgot his place he was liquidated.

In fact, there is little doubt that the well-directed public show that took place on March 17, signals serious consequences for the twenty years long project called "President Putin". However, the question remains: is the coven going to continue under a different name? That is quite possible keeping in mind that in Russia there are more than enough residents with the psychology of serial killers. Not to mention that some global forces may need such "killers" for their ambitious geopolitical purposes and plans.

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