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  • Gary Gindler

American Decadentocracy

July 15, 2021

What do American sailors read? The list of books recommended for the US Navy has been around for a long time and is not a secret. It includes excellent books on the history of naval battles, reports on the effectiveness of various weapon systems, and naval battles' strategy elements. Of course, there have been a few oddities on this list. As an example, the US Constitution continues to be missing from this list. However, there was never something seriously reprehensible on this list – till Joe Biden became a Supreme Commander.

The author of one of the recently suggested books for sailors, Ibram Kendi, is known for his catchphrase, "White people are a different breed of humans." The author of the book "How to Be an Antiracist" overtly states that he hates all whites and promotes the view that whites are devils. Let me remind you that this is the 21st century.

So far, no one has convincingly explained why such an intellectually weak and otherwise damaging book is recommended for reading in the Navy. However, it is only on the surface that the book is the quintessence of idiocy. The fact is that this book is written in a foreign language, which, however, draws its vocabulary exclusively from English.

The language of the book is well-known; it is Newspeak. This book argues that racism and capitalism "will eventually die at the same time." The author argues that "capitalism is essentially racist and racism is essentially capitalist." Contrary to popular belief, anti-racism is not a euphemism for black racism. The situation here is reminiscent of the story with the term "global cooling." This term has been replaced by the term "global warming" and then by "climate change," whereas this term has nothing to do with climate.

Just like modern Antifa has nothing to do with anti-fascism. Just like the phrase "Black Lives Matter" has nothing to do with black people. Moreover, both the words "Black Lives Matter" and "anti-racism" do not have any racial connotations in Newspeak.

Likewise, Critical Race Theory has nothing to do with race. Therefore, it is not some new coherent theory, as it is solely paraphrased Marxism. The correct translation of the phrase "Black Lives Matter" from Newspeak into ordinary English is, "The life of Marxists Matter." Likewise, the accurate translation from Newspeak of the term "anti-racism" is Marxism.

Once you know the proper translation, you begin to understand why the phrases "White Lives Matter" or "All Lives Matter" or "Blue Lives Matter" evoke such a harsh reaction from the left. After all, within the language of the left, these phrases mean "The life of anti-communists matter," which, of course, is very offensive to them.

"White," in modern Newspeak, simply means anti-Marxist (sometimes anti-communist) and has nothing to do with the amount of melanin pigment in one's skin. This is why the word "Black" in Newspeak should be capitalized, just as it is customary in English to capitalize the word "Marxist." In other words, in Newspeak, a black is a black person, but a Black is a soldier of the revolution, a Marxist with a capital M.

The author of the "white privilege" concept, former Harvard professor Noel Ignatiev has proposed many other popular constructs of Newspeak. (Professor Ignatiev himself was – depending on what language the conversation was in – either white or Black). According to Ignatiev, "racism is a form of anti-communism." Therefore, all whites, according to the left, are anti-communists by definition.

The message being drummed into American sailors is very simple: "You might be a racist without even knowing it." The incredible thing is that this may turn out to be true – the vast majority of sailors are really not racist, but this is only if you use the "old" definition of racism. The characterization of racism in modern Marxist Newspeak means anti-communism – and this is precisely what the sailors do not suspect. Nor do the sailors suspect that Critical Race Theory is simply a less radical and more academic (to be more precise, more pseudo-scientific) presentation of the outmoded communist concepts of Noel Ignatiev.

In the brainwashing of the sailors, the 8-year purge of senior officers from the ideologically objectionable contingent during Barack Obama's presidency also played a role. This purge was similar in its parameters to Joseph Stalin's Red Army purge, although it was less extensive and less bloodthirsty. It seems that both pernicious purges have been crowned with success – in the Red Army and in the American military, political loyalty and adherence to ideological dogmas are now integral to successful careers. Unfortunately, the Biden administration has continued Obama's senior officer degradation program. As in the Soviet Union, they try to make American officers not warriors but fighters on the ideological front. What percentage of military officers would like to be transformed from combatants into loyal apparatchiks?

We should fear that foreign intelligence services will eventually find out the best-guarded secret by the Pentagon – the political loyalty of the American military is now placed above their military merit. The question of how the American and Chinese generals will behave in the event of a military conflict in the Taiwan region is also fascinating. After all, both military men have gone through a very similar ideological selection and are grounded in practically identical, sister ideologies.

The currently quite loyal American officers seem to have liked Biden's innovations – new types of hairstyles and appearance are being introduced in the US Army. Ponytail hairstyles, cosmetics, manicures, and lipstick will now be allowed (with one exception – men's nail polish must be transparent). Braids with bows and dyed hair will also be permitted for women. Can you imagine what horror American soldiers with make-up, varnished nails, and multi-colored knots of ribbons will bring to the enemy?

One of Biden's most recent initiatives is an Executive Order to train all federal government personnel in the basics of Critical Race Theory. Unfortunately, it looks like the actual goal of this Order would be an introduction of the institution of political commissars in America, designed to emulate the activities of Soviet commissars. Apparently, soon the left will simply forbid civil servants to think otherwise; everything that does not correspond to the general party line will prohibit any ideological dissent in the American power structures.

Previously viewed as a purely natural phenomenon, permanent climate change is now mobilized to settle political scores. The quintessence of the insanity of the American left is the acceptance into the arsenal of political battles of such truly permanent concepts as a person's gender and race.

Muslims call "unbelievers" (that is, non-Muslims) by the word kafir; it is against the kafirs that the jihad is waged. The left also came up with a word for all "nonbelievers" in Karl Marx's genius – "white." At the same time, whites (in the racial sense) should not attach any racial meaning to the definition of "white" in Newspeak.

The level of "black," like the level of "white," currently denotes only the level of adherence to Marxist dogmas and nothing more.

When you hear that "all whites are racist," don't be upset. It merely implies that "all opponents of Marxism are racists" (learning foreign languages ​​has always been beneficial, and Newspeak is no exception). As Margaret Thatcher aptly noted, "Socialists have always spent much of their time seeking new titles for their beliefs because the old versions so quickly become outdated and discredited."

If you think that modern America resembles an absurd theater, try simply visiting the numerous websites of American communists. Everything is explained in detail, and an accurate translation from Newspeak into the language we are familiar with is given. There is no absurdity in America – on the contrary, everything is happening according to the well-known and proven plan – the plan to squeeze America out of America. As a result of this plan, visiting some areas of America with the American flag is strongly not recommended, but red flags with a hammer and sickle are welcome.

With Biden's arrival at the White House, America took a giant leap from democracy to decadentocracy.

The term decadentocracy, understood as the political setback and decline of the achievements of the 18th century American Revolution, perhaps best describes the current state of American society. So, what awaits American military and government officials in the next phase of decadentocracy? Marx's "Das Kapital?" "Communist Manifesto"? "Red Book" by Mao? Or the favorite book of the left in the recommended reading pantheon, "Mein Kampf?"

Most likely, many American admirals and generals, supporters of radical leftist ideology, value themselves very highly. Hence, let's consider a modest proposal for people like them – add the memoirs of the Soviet communist Karl Radek to the recommended reading list. From the memoirs of Karl Radek, the world first learned about to whom exactly comrade Lenin assigned the nickname "useful idiots."

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