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  • Gary Gindler

Communism Is Reborn with a New Name in America

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Do some people really think that the impeachment, the corona-gulag, and the pogroms all occurred in America one after another in a completely random pattern of events?

Why did pre-planned and synchronized riots and looting suddenly arise?  Because the adventure with the coronavirus hysteria failed.

Why did the coronavirus hysteria suddenly lead to a corona-gulag being created?  Because the impeachment failed.

Why did impeachment suddenly arise?  Because "Russiagate" (or, rather, Obamagate) failed.

Why did "Russiagate" arise?  Because leftism was defeated in the 2016 elections.

The preparatory work has been well done, comrade Democrats!  In 2020, the Democrats managed to simultaneously shoulder on America the analog of the 1918 epidemic, the analog of the 1929 depression, and the analog of the 1968 riots.  Moreover, as soon as the corona-gulag began, impeachment was completely forgotten.  As soon as the pogroms started, the coronavirus had been milked for all it was worth, and they want you to forget about it conveniently.

The pogroms of 1968 (both in America and in other Western countries) became possible only because of the significant external influence and support of thugs.  The whole machine of foreign propaganda in the USSR worked toward this.  It should be remembered that before hippies of the 21st century occupied Wall Street, hippies of the 20th century were occupied by agents of the Soviet KGB.

The pogroms of 2020 also became possible only due to profound influence from abroad.  This time, communist China acts as an external force, with a fifth column inside the United States — the Democrat Party.  The country most affected by President Trump, the Anti-People's Republic of China, is one of the 2020 pogroms' most prominent sponsors.

The task of the Chinese communists is to bring bankruptcy to American cities, states, and businesses and thereby bankrupt America as a whole.  For them, Trump is just another obstacle to achieving their goals.  The attacks on Trump are not personal — they are just business, the political business of the communists, in which there are only winners.  The defeated, according to the old Stalinist tradition, are simply erased from history.  Moreover, money in this business is secondary, while ideology is primary.

The platform of the Democrat Party for the 2020 elections looks like this: "America, on your knees!"  Anyone who thinks this election slogan is a winning one needs to be reminded that real America has not gone anywhere.  America, which has never knelt and will never kneel before anyone, is still here.

In addition to this, the Democrats' latest slogan — to defund the police force and eliminate it — is a real gift not only to Trump, but to all Republicans.  Let's recall that it was Vladimir Lenin who proposed first the dissolution of police in April of 1917, six months before the Communist Revolution in Russia.

The ancient philosopher Pericles is credited with the phrase "Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you."  To paraphrase Pericles, one could say, "Just because you do not take an interest in a worldwide communist conspiracy doesn't mean the communists will leave you alone."

Who now, after the collapse of the USSR, is on top of the communist Olympus?  Who else is behind the pogroms of 2020?

Much to the chagrin of global leftism, the key players on the left side of the American political field are not one, but three — China (American disinformation media), George Soros (Black Lives Matter, Democratic Socialists of America, and their numerous mediators), and the Democrat Party (Washington and regional politicians and the militant wing of the party — Antifa).

The most important thing is that these three strike forces of the left are not united.  Not only are they not united, but they are in competition with each other.  This is what will guarantee their defeat.

What is happening in America today is not anarchy or lawlessness.  In America, there is an open communist terror.  This terror was premeditated, albeit poorly coordinated.  The inconsistency of the left's actions occurs because the activists of this terror are divided into three ideologically opposing factions.  Without going into the nuances of ideological discussions, we simply note that the main difference among these factions of the left is what particular form of Gulag should be built in the United States.

The Mussolini blackshirts' emulators in America — Antifa — are not a centralized organization.  Antifa is a conglomerate of hundreds of independent groups in all states.  The Black Lives Matter group has a similar decentralized structure.  Their financing is also not centralized.  The essential thing that these ersatz revolutionaries do not have is that they do not have a leader on the scale of Trotsky.  They do not have a leader who could unite all the disparate left groups and lead them to a revolutionary assault.

The previous attempts to unify the left are well known — the First and the Second International.  They were replaced by the Socialist International (Socintern), which still exists (the branch of the Socintern in America is located in New York and is called the U.N.).  Also, there was the Communist International (Comintern), dissolved by Joseph Stalin in 1943.  It was the third in the order.  After it, the Fourth International was created.  This Fourth Communist International is Trotskyist, and it still exists.

The history of all these leftist Internationals extends for a century and a half.  The last of them — the Fourth — was founded back in 1938.  Since then, leftist philosophy has not been able to offer anything new.

And now — lo and behold! — something incredible happened.

In May 2020, the Fifth Communist International was established.  This new International is called Progressive International.  At the helm of it is a man well known in America: Bolshevik Bernie Sanders.

The Fifth International is the response by the left to Trump.  It is another attempt to unite the leftist, anti-American forces.  This is a materialization of the hatred of the Democrats for Trump, the quintessence of the hatred of the Democrats for the Republicans, who dared to deprive the Democrats of their black slaves.  The name of this International — Progressive — should not confuse anyone.  It has nothing to do with the progress of humanity; rather, it is about progressive taxation (which, as it's known, was one of the requirements of the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx).

The disunity of the anti-American forces in the 2020 elections is a manifestation of the confrontation between globalism and communism, the clash between the Fourth International and the Fifth International.  This confrontation resembles the fight between communism and fascism, which, too, being ideologically very close, have always been irreconcilable political opponents.  Therefore, it has long been clear to everyone that Antifa, although nominally attacking "fascism," is basically not different from it.  As for the catchphrase "Black Lives Matter," it should be confronted with "Gray Matter Matters" (hat-tip Greg Viola).

Antifa, BLM, Democrats, Democratic Socialists, communists — all of them, although fragmented, oppose Trump.  Trump is fighting on several fronts simultaneously, but only now, the idiocy of the left is beginning to resemble some kind of rationality.

The rationality of the leftists is that the first half of 2020 could be defined as a political banzai charge.  It is a psychological, suicidal banzai charge of desperate losers, political kamikazes.  They decided, in the end, to wage, using words from the USSR national anthem, "the last and decisive battle" in America. 

Perhaps that is why the riots in America began with the Jewish pogroms of 2019, and at the exit from the corona-gulag, we observe the next, openly anti-Semitic phase of the leftist pogrom.  After all, the "peaceful protest" of the left was, is, and always will be an oxymoron.

Gary Gindler, Ph.D., is a conservative columnist at Gary Gindler Chronicles and the founder of a new science: politiphysics. Follow him on Twitter and Quodverum.

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