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  • Gary Gindler

Donald Trump Dug Up the Political Tomahawk

March 2, 2021

Former President Trump's speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) was, as expected, the most significant current event in American politics. For six weeks now, a decrepit, senile Leonid Ilyich Biden has been living in the White House, but attention is still riveted on Donald Trump.

There is no precedent in American history for a former president's sanguine speech to generate much more enthusiasm and attention than any speech by the current president, an Iranian and Chinese lackey. Honestly, this is all you need to know about the internals of the political situation in our country. Just curious if anyone can remember the jubilant crowds celebrating former presidents that we see now? (After Trump's speech, it turned out that more people watched it than Biden's inaugural celebrations.) Without a doubt, the Republican establishment and the Democratic Party should be horrified after this eloquent speech. If anyone else doubted who precisely will be nominated for the presidency in 2024, those doubts have now disappeared. Trump's speech was both a traditional State of the Union (which the decrepit Joe "Yuan" Biden canceled this year, like all press conferences), an election speech, and an outright mockery of his political opponents. For the first time in the history of the United States, the former president delivered the State of the Union, not the current president. Since last year was the year of the coronavirus, Trump has given a lot of attention to the vaccine. Trump has dismissed the myth that socialist countries are more effective in dealing with emergencies, ostensibly because they can concentrate resources. Indeed, socialist countries can concentrate state resources on solving extraordinary challenges. However, as Trump has shown, capitalism can concentrate the resources of private companies much more efficiently than any socialist state structure. Three private American companies have successfully developed three different coronavirus vaccines, far ahead of the rest of the world. Trump, of course, devoted a significant portion of his speech to the 2020 elections. "Our electoral process is at the level of third world countries ... and the Supreme Court did not have the courage to do anything about it." Trump, being Trump, trolled his political opponents at an unprecedented level when he said, "I might even decide to beat them a third time." The conservative-filled hall swelled with delight as Trump began to criticize the current somniferous occupant of the White House. "In just one month, we moved away from America First and switched to America Last." "Joe Biden sold American children to the teachers union." But the main thing that happened at CPAC sits upon an entirely different battlefield. The fragmentation of the conservative forces that the American leftists so hoped for did not materialize. Trump announced that rumors of a new party were fake news. Democrats suffered another defeat, and an attempt to squeeze the Republican Party out from Trump ended in failure. The party of (D)eceit now has no choice but to try to impeach Trump for the third time. They simply have no other political ammunition against Trump. Many commentators were inclined to establish a third, openly conservative party that was the only option after losing the White House. Simply because the Republican party nomenclature, as the experience of Reagan and Trump has shown, does not lend itself to any reform, and the main opposition front to the conservatives is not from the left, but from the corrupt right. Trump's method of solving the problem could not be predicted by anyone. Trump decided to leave the GOP facade unchanged. But in parallel with this, right after the 2020 elections, he established the Save America PAC. The Save America PAC is an alternative structure created to flank the Republican Washington swamp. Now, political donation's cash flow will be redirected straight to the Save America PAC, bypassing the Washington Republican bureaucracy. Thus, the Republican Party will continue to exist; however, the redistribution of the cash flow will soon put everything in its rightful place. The Republican nomenclature will subordinate to those who actually own the party treasury: Trump and his supporters. To use American Indian terminology, Trump dug up a political tomahawk and went on the warpath. War has been declared not only on a dozen members of Congress but also against a dirty dozen Republicans who have succumbed to Democratic pressure and supported Trump's impeachment. Trump has an unprecedentedly high rating among Republicans: 97% for and only 3% against. He can afford to punish the traitors to the idea of "Make America Great Again," rightly arguing that the financial flows between the new political structure and the old-fashioned Republican guard will be divided approximately in the same proportion. Thus, the civil war within the Republican party ended before it began. This is the essence of Trump, who knows how to win wars without even starting them, as the Middle East's recent history has shown. Of course, Democrats and other rabid socialists are furious and aghast with Trump's speech. This means that they carefully watched and listened to the former president, completely forgetting about the current one (which they, by the way, despise openly, and they even try to take away his nuclear codes.) To the dismay of the Democrats, now they will be confronted not by the corrupt Republican elite, which, thanks to Trump, is facing bankruptcy (both financial and political). Democrats will be confronted by the new Trump's conservative party under the disguise of the old.

[Originally published at NOQ Report]

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