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The FSB is Planning Terrorist Attacks in Russian Cities

According to a confidential source connected with the Russian secret services, Russian FSB (Federal Security Service) is preparing a sabotage at a chemical plant near Moscow. Similar "projects" are being planned in the vicinities of a few other Russian cities in such a way that the winds would carry toxic substances to residential areas. As a result, hundreds and, possibly, even thousands of civilians can die. The organizers of these diabolic projects are also planning to blame the non-existing "Ukrainian saboteurs" for those acts of terror.

After the failure of Putin's blitzkrieg in Ukraine, the Russians are facing an acute shortage of military personnel as a result of the losses incurred. At the same time, the Kremlinites have been repeatedly stating that massive mobilization is not going to be introduced. In order to play back on this issue, they need quite a weighty pretext: e.g., the death of thousands of civilians, which can be blamed on Ukraine. Similarly, in 1999, the FSB blew up a few residential buildings in several Central Russian cities in order to give rise to the Second Chechen War.

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