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  • Elena Prigova

The Manifest of a Free Person

Elena Prigova

NY / December 20, 2020

The year 2020 flew by like a bullet, leaving us all with unpredictability, having shown us that a person is nothing, that a law is nothing, and that a global peace with its Babilon can be easily repeated.

Everyone froze in expectation of either a miracle or the end.

A society of enslaved creatures who don’t remember anything from their previous lives is put up against a society of conscientious people who know history. A moral society is up against a society based on lies; a society of desperate political puppets is against a society of free individuals. A society of law and order against revolutionary thugs and chaos…

The year 2020, scary in its unpredictability, with its sacrificial Corona-worshipping in the name of the above mentioned global peace, for the sake of eliminating differences, for the victory of just a few percent over the statistically overwhelming majority, the human mass; the victory counted in trillions of dollars of profit for those who control this human mass. A mass of cogs-in-the wheel, a mass of people-robots who poison this wonderful world by the mere fact of their existence. They are telling us this world needs to be cleaned of this mass, and then it will once again become a healthy green world with milk rivers and honey shores, sun cities in a sunny world that works on solar batteries…

Long live the new order! Long live the civilization of human robots, the functions regulated by the self-appointed elite. Long live human vice that is proclaimed a virtue in the world that has turned away from God! Long live…

But the world is ill; it is self-isolating and wasting away, being fed a mixture of fear and hope that is still alive but barely.

And you are still surprised that your own children don’t understand you, that they are aliens to you? But it was you who gave away your children to be devoured by the schools, by the “best in the world” universities, and you even paid for this sacrificial offering out of your own pockets. You children have been eaten…

And now your children are taking revenge on you, unable to understand you with your dreams and sacrifices you’ve made for their sake. The children want to make their own mistakes and to find their own way in the murk of humanitarian ignorance.

And once again the prophets have not been heard, they’ve been disgraced; and once again there’s stepping on the same old rake, and there’s farce. The society of human robots is

writing its computer programs and is censoring anyone who is outside of their circle of “the enlightened”. You can only march as part of the formation and in step with everyone else.

The society has been divided into two opposing camps. On one side, there are the people who have conformed, who have accepted the unacceptable, that which repels human nature, that denies all moral commandments humankind had followed for thousands of years. On the other side are the ones who – due to their beliefs and knowledge of history – cannot accept the poison being shot up into the sclerotic veins of the human race.

The ghost of Karl Marx is popular once again. The ghost – eternal and bodiless – feasts on people’s souls. Already legions are proudly calling themselves trained marxists. Who and when has trained them, and where were we, the ones who understood what they were being trained for? Is it possible that, once again, there will be battle for survival with no rules?

This is a war of Good and Evil, of Light and Darkness… This is a war where there can be only one winner. It’s almost 12 months since 2020 started the countdown to the detonation of its mad, destructive bomb. Will there be bomb defusers who can stop the ticking mechanism?

The information around us is toxic. It affects our feelings and it poisons our minds. It is manipulative in nature, and it becomes a deadly weapon in the hands of experienced promoters. The year 2020 has shown the highest degree of this toxicity when it made the world drink the poison voluntarily.

How did we arrive at all this madness? It happened when the issue of saving the rest of the world became our priority, when our own families became less important, when simple human joys were mocked and devalued, when the great relocation of peoples turned into a global idea of a world without borders, nations or races…

And then one realizes that we all are at the dreadful bottom, and this bottom has no depth, similar to the endless stream of information that is filling this abyss the Individual is dying in.

2020 is a year of a psychological fracture in the time of big changes. It’s not about the pandemic, the quarantine or the voluntary-mandatory stay in the confinement of one’s home. It’s not about the Elections’ outcome which everything in the world depends on, – it’s about our CHOICE!

t’s about choosing your place in the great arena, because someone is destined to be a referee, someone will gladly fill the benches and exercise their right to turn their finger up or down, and someone will fight. All the roles have been assigned long ago. And only you will decide whether to help a usurper and become his accomplice or whether to fight the dictatorship of lies and remain an honest person… Because honor cannot be bought, or is it, after all, a merchandise?

Meanwhile, history is completing another loop which will have its own plague, its own Coliseum, its own wars and its own heroes who will voluntarily sacrifice their lives but will not give in to the mercy of the winners. Masada has fallen but hasn’t surrendered. The choice was with those who could stay silent or speak up, inspiring those who were silent to speak up as well. The choice was with those who, in concentration camps, threw themselves onto the electric barbed wire, or who raised uprisings in ghettos, even there remaining free until their last breath.

The woeful, critical 2020 is about a choice between freedom and slavery. Those of you who prefer to take soft seats in the amphitheater, be reminded: enjoy the show all the way until a blue coat comes in and barks:

“Who is the interim here?

Get down!

Your time is over!”

Translated by Vlada Ivanova

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