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  • Andrew Andersen


Victoria / January 12, 2021

As of today, it may seem that power in the United States has already been officially seized by the Neo-Bolshevik criminal scum, a gang of thieves, sadists, pedophiles, degenerates and other freaks.

if that is the case, then there has been a disaster not only for the United States, but for the entire world. Moreover, the disaster was by no means unexpected, for the red lights had been flashing for almost 30 years, but no one wanted to pay attention to those alarm signals.

However, so far there is one thing that is inspiring: the "victorious" scum for some reason does not seem to celebrate its "victory"! There are no splashes of champagne, no buckets of black and red caviar, no jumping dances... Instead, one can see only stupid malice and a stream of threats, as well as the construction of bulletproof walls around the site of the future "inauguration". And that is quite inspiring because it clearly demonstrates that the scum is panically afraid of something.

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