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  • Gary Gindler

The Sovereign Tyflocracy

May 7, 2021

We live in an era of striking disunion in the United States of America. The bosses of the Republican Party are so separated from the rank-and-file members of the party that sometimes it seems that they came to Earth from a different planet. The bosses of the Democrat party are so separated from ordinary Americans and so close in their ideology to the Socialist International that one wonders whether the processes of socialist transformation in America are reversible. The Republican meritocracy was replaced by the plutocracy of the Democrats, but the process did not stop there. What's happening? Several years ago, a new term was introduced in political philosophy — tyflocracy. It was introduced by analogy with the word "democracy." Demos (δῆμος) in Greek is people, and kratos (κράτος) is power. So democracy is the rule of the people. The word tyflocracy comes from the Greek word "tyflos" (τυφλoς), which means "unseeing." This does not mean the blind, but precisely the one who does not see. The ones who do not want to see. The ones who have closed their eyes. This means that the government does not see, does not hear, and does not want to know anything about how its country's citizens live. The government is preoccupied with only one problem: how to maintain its own power at any cost. Tyflocracy is a form of government in which the government is in an asymmetric war with its own people. What they are doing in Russia with dissidents in general and Navalny, in particular, is not following the law. It is a war with their own people. It is a sovereign tyflocracy. Navalny's prolonged execution is neither the first nor the last in the history of Russia. Nemtsov was executed. Magnitsky was executed. Politkovskaya was executed. Now it's Navalny's turn. Some rulers of Russia were quite merciful and noble people. They executed unwanted political opponents so they would not suffer for a long time — quickly, and without losing the moral authority of the subjects still at large. But that was in the distant past. The country's current leadership lacks the mercy of the enlightened nobility. It needs the victim to die in agony. From the American point of view, both Putin and Navalny are not America's friends. There is not even a certainty that there are any ideological differences between them, except for their diametrically opposed views on corruption. The correct way out for Russia would be to use the bit of political folklore, well known in the West, that politicians, like diapers, should be changed regularly and for the same reason. Why did the conversation lead us to Russia? Because if Russian tyflocracy is evident, then here, in America, any sane person can easily find the symptoms of the coming sovereign tyflocracy. Here in America, with rare exceptions, the process of changing political diapers in Washington has not only stalled, but practically stopped. Always and everywhere, the tyflocracy protects only its own. In Russia, you must be an active member of the United Russia party, and then you will get away with almost everything. In America, you must be an active member of the Democrat party or its militant wings (Antifa, BLM), and then you can get away with anything. When exactly did American meritocracy begin to turn into a tyflocracy? If for Russia, the answer to this question is more or less clear, for America, it is not so simple. At the moment, we can say with certainty only that the level of confrontation between the federal government and Americans correlates with the level of leftism of the current inhabitant of the White House. The American intelligence services are openly jealous of the Russian intelligence services, and they are trying with all their might to emulate the "achievements" of Putin's Russia. For example, they have done something that even the KGB did not think of: they use the resources of the USPS to collect information about conservatives and other dissidents on social networks. By the way, the notorious Baikalfinancegroup actually has appeared in America — under a different name, but the idea remains the same. (It should be noted that, as in the case of Navalny, there were practically no ideological differences between Putin and Khodorkovsky. They have plenty of differences — primarily political, but not ideological). The Global Resource System company was organized in September last year. On the evening of Biden's inauguration day, it received 4% of the world's internet from the new administration (for comparison, the entire U.S. government uses half of that number of internet addresses). This company does not even have a website. No one ever picks up the phone. There is a large office building at the registered address; however, neither security nor the front desk has ever heard anything about this company. As of January 20, 2021, this company controls more internet addresses than AT&T or Comcast. The American branch of Baikalfinancegroup is flourishing, having received an unprecedented portion of internet real estate for private use. Many Russian-speaking Americans have long felt like time travelers. Since the '70s and '80s, they have seen lies on TV and in newspapers. There exists somewhere an invisible and omnipotent Glavlit (Soviet Censorship Office). Persecution of dissidents and non-conformists, including criminal prosecution, is now the norm. Add to this list the insanity of decrepit leaders. Finally, both Putin and the American left are moving toward the same goal: the complete elimination, marginalization, and criminalization of the opposition. Let us note another indispensable attribute of tyflocracy: the rewriting of history. Everyone is familiar with the practice when, during Stalin's time, entire newspaper runs were confiscated to remove unwanted people from history or retouch photographs already published. The hardest part is cleaning up those stories that have already become widely known. In America, for example, there is the story of top feminist Margaret Sanger. Recently, the president of America's premier abortion corporation, Planned Parenthood, erupted in the New York Times with an article where she denounced Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. She condemned the racism, eugenics, and white suprematism of the founder. When conservatives — including yours truly — have used the same arguments over the years, we have been dragged through the mud. It turns out that the conservatives were right. Sanger's fight for birth control, which Planned Parenthood would turn into the pursuit of abortion after her death, was actually the "most humane" way to dispense with the "unfit" population of America, not a struggle for women's rights. The saga of public self-flagellation of feminists is a logical continuation of the war with its own people. The system makes it abundantly clear that only open-hearted confession (no matter the subject) and, thereby, demonstrating unquestioning obedience to the latest general party line is the key to success. At the same time, political bosses are by and large not interested in what exactly your frank confession consists of. Many use this and choose something innocent (from their point of view) — for example, confession of non-traditional sexual orientation. The left is interested in control and only control, and leftists do not allow any discrimination on how exactly a person demonstrates his unconditional loyalty to leftist dogma. On the contrary, leftists give unprecedented freedom to choose the method of political self-flagellation, self-humiliation, self-submission, self-serfdom, and other components of political self-auto-da-fe. However, leftists are in a hurry. Trump's lesson has not been in vain: leftists know they have a minimal window of opportunity to build post-American America. From the point of view of the party of (D)eceit, an advanced tyflocracy in America must be established before the 2024 elections. The commissars are afraid that those many millions who long for America as founded will have their say. [Originally published by American Thinker]

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