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  • Jakub Krzemiński


Warsaw / September 19, 2021

The creation of this scheme was inspired by my recent conversation with Alik Gomelsky, a historian and political analyst. The reflections on the outbreak of World War II in September 1939 added to the inspiration as well.

In the above photo the person on the far right is a representative of the shadow aristocracy (the real decision-makers).

In the middle is the "pink" leftist. He is an executor of the decisions of the shadow aristocracy.

The character on the far left (well, one can hardly be more leftist than he was left) is the "red" dictator. He is also an executor, although he does not always know about it.

Just a simple Triangle of Governance... The scheme of making crucial decisions not only in Tehran and Yalta but everywhere in the world...

The Triangle of Global Governance.

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