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  • Gary Gindler

Voting with Money and Trump’s Coronavirus

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

October 3, 2020

The reaction to a positive coronavirus test by Donald and Melania Trump is a typical example of mass psychosis associated with the coronavirus. The fact is that both the President and the First Lady are practically asymptomatic. They are not sick in the conventional sense of the word, although they could still potentially transmit the virus to somebody else. They have little or no fever, no headache, or other severe symptoms, but they do have symptoms of a mild cold. They might develop severe symptoms later on, but at the moment, Trump continues to work as usual, even in the hospital. However, all political rallies scheduled for the coming days have been canceled.

Since the incubation period for coronavirus is roughly 3 to 7 days, Trump is guaranteed to have had the coronavirus during the first presidential debate of 2020.

Thus, Trump is currently the potential carrier of fragments of coronavirus genetic material but is not sick. The rapid PCR test is based on the detection of viral RNA fragments. This test was invented by Nobel laureate Kari Mullis and is simply a chain reaction of multiplying RNA fragments. Most people are familiar with the uranium chain reaction, and PCR is a chain reaction of the synthesis of RNA fragments.

If the test is positive, it means that after 2 to the 37th power of cycles, fragments were found – not even the virus itself, but pieces of its RNA. This rapid test is not a test to isolate the virus itself – it takes several days to do so. At this stage, the virus itself has not been detected in Trump, just some fragments of coronavirus RNA have been found. There are no indications for hospitalization yet because Trump is one of 20% of Americans who had practically no symptoms, but the test still turned out to be positive.

From a political perspective, the news that Trump was diagnosed with the coronavirus has led to very extraordinary consequences. It immediately became clear that, by analogy with the leaders of Canada, Great Britain, and other countries, who also tested positive for coronavirus, but did not get really sick, Trump’s approval rating would increase. It will increase because of simple human compassion.

As much as Trump’s political opponents would not like it, some events are perceived by all people equally in all countries, without exception. Such events are health problems and sexual adventures of the head of state.

Never in the history of mankind have either health problems or sexual adventures have led to a drop in the rating of a politician. Recall the wounding of Ronald Reagan and the well-known details of the intimate adventures of Charles De Gaulle, John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, and Bill Clinton. And, of course, Donald Trump.

The reaction of leftists in America to this news could have been predicted by anyone, even an Australian aborigine far from American realities. Leftists are praying for Trump’s death, and they express this desire often, with pleasure, and sincerely. Trump’s positive test has once again exposed Democrats as malevolent, petty, and short-sighted. Joe Biden flatly refused to condemn those of his supporters who began openly celebrating the news of Trump’s coronavirus. But these desires of Democrats, including high-ranking Democrats, are by no means an objective predictor of elections, which are only a month away. An outspoken desire for the death of one’s political opponent is common, especially among the left.

The main event, which has substantial predictive potential, is the reaction of the global financial markets to Trump’s coronavirus test result.

In the 2016 season, the only objective indicator of political preferences was the exchange rate of the Mexican peso to the US dollar. The US dollar rose on the eve of the 2016 elections, the Mexican peso fell, and Hillary Clinton’s chances fell along with the peso.

In the 2020 season, financial markets did not show their political preferences in any way – until Trump tweeted the news of a positive test on Thursday night. The reaction of financial markets worldwide was immediate, violent, and cynical – the markets fell. They fell not only in America, but they also dropped all over the world. This reaction – the reaction of voting with your own money – shows which side political preferences are worldwide.

For all political scientists, such a signal was long-awaited.

On Friday, the financial markets have clearly demonstrated an objective signal – the normalization of the planet’s life after the coronavirus pandemic requires Donald Trump at the head of the United States.

It became clear that any negative news about Trump is perceived negatively by the financial markets, and anything positive about Trump is perceived positively. Most likely, if Joe Biden also contracts the coronavirus, the financial markets will ignore this event altogether.

All political scientists and commentators have long been waiting for such an objective signal. The certainty from those who vote with money is good news to everybody who predicts Trump’s victory. We can only regret that it comes with such a price – the price of health. But the lion in the White House had overcome many such difficulties, and two-week quarantine shall pass.

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