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  • Gary Gindler

Will America Become China’s Vassal?

December 11, 2020

On election day, Fox News betrayed President Trump, and this has puzzled many patriots. The confusion vanishes if one assumes that this episode could be just a small part of the process of China’s colonization of America. China has already colonized some countries in the Pacific region, South America, and Africa for all practical purposes. Add to this list the de facto colonization of northern Italy and a large part of Russia in Eastern Siberia. Also, communist China greedily devours real estate and businesses in the United States.

Therefore, the 2020 presidential election should be seen as an integral part of this process.

From this perspective, Trump and Biden symbolize two diametrically opposed approaches to America’s future. If Biden made it clear that he was ready to swear allegiance to the new master, Trump is fighting for America’s economic and political independence. Biden is helped not only by the so-called “Democrats” and numerous anti-Trump Republicans but also by the world socialist movement.

The current leading force of palace intrigues in China is Xi Jinping’s group of supporters of Soviet methods: “Xi Jinping belongs to the faction long forgotten in China, which at one time was aligned with the Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin.” When this group came to power, a wave of repressions swept across China, like two drops of water similar to Stalin’s repressions of the 30s and 40s. China’s economic policy is generally reminiscent of the Soviet one. For example, foreign companies’ penetration into Chinese markets is only possible if joint ventures with China are established, and all the know-how is transferred to the Chinese side.

Donald Trump, of course, is fighting for the presidency. Nevertheless, for Trump, the presidency is only part of a more significant challenge. Trump seeks not only to win these elections but to destroy once and for all the leftist movements in general. Obviously, it includes China and the so-called “Democrats.” That is a much more important goal, and it looks like Trump would prevail. What if Trump loses? In this case, all his actions will be aimed at ensuring that by the next electoral cycle – in 2022 – no one in their right mind would even think to vote for (D)ecadence.

Trump must win Americans’ sympathy to achieve his goal. There is no doubt that the Trump team is acting in this direction. Numerous hearings in state legislatures, sensational statements by witnesses, mathematical and computer experts, and court hearings, of course, show a horrid picture of election fraud by “Democrats.”

Election Day has been transformed into Election Months; however, more and more Americans are convinced of the “Democrats” fraud every day. More and more Americans switch to alternative sources of information every day and thus deprive propaganda outlets of their material base. Every day more and more Americans are beginning to understand which Republican is an anti-Trumpist rooting for China and which one is a Conservative. Finally, more and more Americans are beginning to guess where the command center that issued an order to stop counting votes simultaneously in six battleground states at 2 am on November 4, 2020, was located.

Trump understands that America, unfortunately, has been dozing for the past hundred years. While we were sleeping, our Constitution was undermined. We have lost control of the Washington swamp dwellers because they prefer to be controlled by Chinese interests rather than American citizens. We just lived our lives and watched football until the international leftist movement attempted to steal our America out from under our noses.

Trump’s strategic goal is America, which is not sleeping at the wheel.

There is now every sign that America’s sleeping giant is awake. Thanks to China – the elections they most likely helped to steal could be the Chinese equivalent of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Thanks to the “Democratic” fraudsters and their leader Joe “Yuan” Biden – the 2020 elections were the last straw.

In 1776 we did not want to be vassals to the British king, and in 2020 we do not want to be vassals of the communists.

China communists and their distant ideological cousins on the Left – the American “Democrats,” of course, went for broke. They have in their arsenal not only economic and political methods. A very extraordinary direction of China’s expansion is that the communists began to transfer their enterprises to the United States, considering our country as one of the offshore destinations for money laundering. Based on our knowledge of communists’ methods, the most probable course of action by the Politburo of the Communist Party of China would be outright buying of politicians. It seems they calculated (quite correctly) that they need to buy a limited number – no more than a few thousand – key politicians worldwide to carry out their expansion plans. This path seems to them to be quicker and economically more feasible.

The massive importation of drugs into the United States was one of the main activities of the Soviet KGB, for which numerous drug cartels were created (have you ever wondered why most drug cartels are in countries with strong left-wing traditions?) It was the Chinese comrades who did what the Soviet comrades could not achieve – flood America with fentanyl.

China’s espionage has reached a level that the Soviet KGB could only dream of. Under Bush and Obama, China’s cyberattacks, like Operation Titan Rain, were incredibly successful. Consider the 2013 attack, when China took over the personal files of 21 million US government employees. China uses widespread blackmail and bribes to lobby her interests in Washington.

In 2020, communist China used artificial intelligence algorithms to identify Americans who could participate in the Antifa & Black Lives Matter pogroms (of course, the Chinese communists favor only left-wing organizations). Once identified, these Americans were sent instructions (including well-crafted videos) on organizing riots via social media. As we now know, American “Democrats” enthusiastically participated in this orgy. Finally, everybody has noticed that numerous concentration camps sprung up worldwide as a precursor to CoronaGulag.

Trump has swung not only at the Chinese communists, not only at the “Democrats” as traditional rivals of the American conservatives, and not only at the Washington swamp. All the above suggests that Donald Trump is a historical figure on a much larger scale than it seems at first glance.

Trump is fighting a global communist Utopia, also known as the “Global Gulag.”

The “Democrats,” if they do win this battle with China’s help, will find themselves in a completely new, redefined reality – the majority of the country’s population will regard them as usurpers, deceitful and dishonest people. If an infirm old marionette settles in the White House, it will be a classic Pyrrhic victory, where winning a battle leads to losing the war.

Donald Trump has been compared with Winston Churchill more than once, and these comparisons, of course, have a good reason. They are based on the similarity of the circumstances these leaders had to face. Churchill, too, found himself in a situation where he and his country were single-handedly fighting both German Socialists’ horde and the numerous National Socialism and International Socialism supporters among the British establishment.

If the socialists come to power despite Trump’s actual landslide victory, then the political suicide of the “Democrats” will enter the final phase. Moreover, the American patriots who feel down in the dumps should remember one of the quotes commonly attributed to Churchill: “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

[Originally published in Frontpage Magazine]

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